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  1. No one claimed Molgera and if you have time over holidays I'd love to feature it? Final push for the album coming out in next month, if you haven't time no worries

  2. A while ago you expressed interest in forsaken fortress for WW album? Is that still a possibility or did it die a horrible death? If you can get something by the end of the year I'd be interested.

  3. Hi, sorry, I think my Skype program is broken. I'll reinstall it on my computer, are you good to talk on Wednesday? 8 or 9 pm my time (UK) is great for me.

  4. Congrats on your Cid tracks, each one is awesome. Have you managed to touch up the drums for WE yet? I'd like to lock was in for mastering by easter if you think that would be possible?

  5. Aside from some minor vocal fixes I need to record this weekend there are only 2 wavs left on the Wind Waker album. I haven't heard anything from you for ages but I still love your song as it was, I just need a wav as opposed to the mp3 I have

  6. Really? Thanks for sharing that. I judged it competent enough to not drag the album down and quirky enough to at least get some novelty interest. It's nice to hear I've been noticed :)

  7. The little you had was good so i'd take a wav of it as was, short but sweet, but if you don't want an unfinished track out there thats fine. Cheers for reply

  8. Don't know if you've seen my PMs. I loved your maritime battle track, do you still want it in the album?

  9. I'll find a day soon. Wednesdays may be best :P

  10. Are you a busy person at weekends?

  11. Not a problem - sorry for disappearing suddenly - I've been living without internet for 3 months and only just got back online.

    Keep thinking about those lyrics when you have spare time and we'll meet whenever you are free to talk through what we can do

  12. Great, send me a WIP when you can.

  13. Are they the days when you are or aren't free this week?

    I'll be free on Wednesday if so

  14. Hi, sorry, house move is immiment and that's distracted me.

    I'll be free this thursday though if you can make it? That or potentially wednesday if you can't do thursday. That or one night next week

  15. Progress is slow but i'll get you the necessary parts soon.

  16. Did I ever reply to your Volaire suggestion? I LOVE Voltaire... If you can channel him then thats perfect.

  17. I've been relistening to all the tracks I have so far and your arrangement stands out. I love it... I don't suppose you could send me the raw .wav file at some point?

  18. Just had a quick lsiten to your song during my lunch break, excellent!

    I'll listen it to again tonight to give you some proper feedback, but my initial impressions were great. Congratulations on a great track

  19. The ending song for dynamite Heady is 'so' a rip off from the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ending music...

    Has this 'secret bonus' track been claimed yet? I'm not an experienced remixer (and have no software to master sounds) BUT I and a friend could offer you an attempt (probably a live recording, or a combination of several takes) if you'd be prepared to accept the recording as an unmastered wav file?

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