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  1. i cant seem to get over the fact that it looks EXACTLY like minecraft. you even linked to it..
  2. timing went all to shit, even on rockband it was a load of garbage
  3. well, im not going to give up for quite some time, so we will see if anyone gets interested.
  4. Hmm, never played much of MM, but i listened to the boss battles track just now. im interested in doing it, but it may go a little bit slowly, as i'm working on a remix (which may be on my album. if anyone ever joins, (stop making slightly intimidating posts XD)) i already have quite a few ideas for that song
  5. one question, how are you still recruiting if all the songs have been claimed?
  6. is it really that effective to post in recruit/collab? im always browsing the site, and its one of the few sections that barely have people viewing them, i'm not suggesting that you go out of your way to do something about it, but it's just an observation, and makes me wonder why its not viewed more often. i've noticed some pretty interesting threads there, for example the dynamite headdy project. give the sections a little more love is what im saying (dear god i sound like a hippy. peace.)
  7. While working on a remix, I had a sudden urge to create an album that revolves around the major fights in the Final Fantasy series. It seemed to be a great idea, but many others have thought of it before, so I decided to put a twist on it. Anyone who wanted to submit a piece to an album with the same intentions of mine, but couldn't because their genre didn't fit what the director wanted or other reasons like that are the ideal source for the music. This album is a chance for people to shine who havn't had a chance to do so in other Final Fantasy battle albums, but isn't restricted to people who havn't had much experience (for example, COTMM). IE: - Experimental pieces (it will still need structure, remember the rule of at least 1/2 of the album must pass the judge panel) -Pieces in which the artist wasn't sure if it would make it into any of the other albums. I promptly and aptly named the album "A Landscape Of Blood" because when people battle, theres usually blood. At least in fantasy genre battles. Games can include the following: Well...anything with the name of Final Fantasy for starters (requests will be acknowledged, so if you want something from a game similar to Final Fantasy, feel free to suggest it) ------------- An album like this is hard to design because of the nature of experimentalism and other "odd" takes on some of the music. Try to keep the music recognizable and not overwhelming ( i've heard some synth that will make your ears bleed....in a bad way.), otherwise it degrades from the album and the single piece. Another point, I will need a co-director to back me up with this one (as all albums should have one) as I have not found one yet. --------------- Without further ado, here's what we have so far. A piece i am composing, of an unknown name, and will post the full details when it is finished, or a substantial WIP is made. ......... *tumbleweed* ....... I will keep this updated as soon as people start to take interest. P.S. If some people who are interested could give me an example of their previous work, it may help you get a spot, though it may not be hard to get one.
  8. haha, wasn't asking a question there, but nice response anyways XD
  9. Sex-ed in ELEMENTARY schools. People wonder why in my city, there was a 14 year old arrested for running a prostitution ring. how does it happen? 1. show children every possible effect of sex 2. adults tell them "its not bad if you use proper safety measures" ( they're kids for crying out loud!) 3. Social norm.
  10. so, how does one switch from stereo to mono anyways? because now im starting to wonder if it would help on my first remix
  11. Hey, The name's Zerizaki. i have looked at this site for years now, but never found the urge to join until i was listening to a *spoiler* soundtrack and decided "im going to finally do something with my time, and stop being on the recieving end of the remixes" so now i have a reason to jpin, and a WIP remix. its a little late for the *spoiler* album, but it should sound good. P.S. i dunno if i want to reveal the identity of my remix yet, so i put spoilers, but i might have a WIP file up soon, just because i've been doing heavy work on it and its coming along fast. P.P.S. I look forward to sharing and collaborating with you fellow remixers, and chatting with everyone on the forums, thanks for letting me join in the fun