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  1. haha thanks. Following you back on the cloud, Ill be sure to check it out in detail after class.
  2. Although I agree with you, pitbull and yoshi do sound pretty good together.... totally forgot the link lol, woah is me https://soundcloud.com/takeone-1/pitbull-dont-stop-the-yoshi
  3. Here's a mashup I ended up putting together after my gf put me onto the original yoshi song. Came across the pitbull acapella and it just fit together. Same key and almost same bpm. I think it turned out pretty cool
  4. Brandon left a very good chunk of advice. As for the panning, I totally agree. Usually I'll will keep the main kick and snare without any pan. Unless its a complimenting melody to the main, I won't pan it to one side only. Maybe experiment with a stereo imager to bring a surrounding feel. I do like the direction you took it, but replacing some of the sine synths or whatever what previously mentioned would make this sound a lot better. The piano sounds great in there, though!
  5. Great to read all what you wrote. Thanks for taking the time to do that. I did want the drop to take you off guard a little but not to completely come in randomly. Other than the quote, there really is no indication of the impending drop. For the piano, I may have matched the tempo too much to create that 'thirds' arrangement as opposed to the original bpm. I dont like the mechanical feel either, so I tried to get the drums offbeat a little. Vocals would be awesome, but for now, I don't plan on that. I was experimenting with so many leads but couldn't fit one in there that I liked, so I went with less is more. I will keep this version as a final because I've listened to it so much already haha. You had a lot of good advice, I'll be sure to put all that towards future creations (drops, variance, bold chorus). Thanks dude.
  6. Haven't been on here in a while to contribute anything or give feedback. I do, have this contribution. Flipped the Far Cry song into a Hip Hop styled instrumental. There are a couple of remixes of this song done well that are more electro/trance out there, so I wanted to get a good boom bap version out. https://soundcloud.com/takeone-1/far-cry-3-ost-falling-into-a Let me know what's up
  7. Howd you capture the equalizer for the video? Im naturally high so i enjoy watching those
  8. It has a lot of potential in it. The drums in it are a turn off for me. When the kick does that fast roll with the snare following it, it seems a bit spiratic(sp). I think this would sound a whole lot better if you kept it more simplistic with variations of course, but i feel its over done here. Keep at it, I know if you put more time into it, it will sound great.
  9. This is pretty good. I feel some sounds would go better together with a little tweaking, but thats all my own preference. Good job!
  10. I would say that this man hit it on the head. Compressing the snare is definitely a good idea to get that snare more stand out ish for people to follow and head bob yeye
  11. Really like this piece. It has some very relaxing chords, well played might i add
  12. Can definitely see someone flowing over this. That chorus has so much potential if Ive spotted the right section for the chorus. The piano when all the drums drop? Really like the arpegio that comes in at the second verse
  13. Just saw the thread on only one song per posting. Sorry about that, I will adhere to these rules in further posts
  14. Thanks to both who replied. Yeah Peter McConnell is a monster, these samples were so fun to work with
  15. Hey all, I registered on this forum not too long ago so this thread will be my first post on here. Ive been making beats for a good many years now but have recently gotten more serious about my intentions in music and transitioning from making beats into producing tracks etc locally. I fell in love with sampling and remembered Grim Fandango had an awesome soundtrack and story... and everything, so I gave it a shot. I hope this thread puts in a good premiere for myself on this board and i hope to continue being a part of it. Each song is done in relatively the same format of having an intro, 16 bar verse, and chorus etc. Although they have the ammends for verses, i do not plan on having anyone rap over these Here are the tracks: Blue Hector - Ninth Heaven - Enlightened Florist - Manny and Meche - Coaxing Meche - Swanky Maximino -
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