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  1. really? shows you how long it's been since I played FFA...LOL, years man....
  2. Hey man, i wanted you to know I have both the ones the have been posted here and the UT mix on WIP. I really like your stuff, It has energy and skill and is just plain enjoyable. The only weakness I see (and I see it because it would be mine as well) is that your remixes are very "busy". That I know of only Protricity can pull off busy and do it well, but if you've improved this much this fast, I look forward to what you can do later. As a side note, Ziwtra remixed the FIRST overworld music, and BGC remixed the SECOND overworld music. Don't know if anyone else noticed that...
  3. I have come to really love Beatdrop's stuff, mainly because it's so unashemedly in your face. This and Cy-amp and Clash of the Titans I always play in my car at top volume going very fast. Reccomended if you like loud, agressive dance music. Now, if Dain could make good on his promise to post LYRICS that would be great...
  4. When this one popped up on vg mix I thought, well, it's DarkeSword, it's can't be bad. And it turned out to be one of my favorite of his pieces. You know, I really didn't care for Shariq's stuff at first, but he's improved a lot over the past year or so and now anything he makes is an automatic d/l for me. The main thing I admire about this song is that it's very disciplined, that's the only way I can think to describe it. Very very good work.
  5. 'Bout dern time goat gets some love on OCR, cuz he's been gettin' mad love on VG Mix. Here you get goat's trademark power chords and grinding guitar solos. Not much to say here except he gets better with every mix. Good to see him finally getting the respect he deserves.
  6. I personally liked SGX's comment about this not being for pussy ears. Why? Because without givng you a chance to catch your breath, it's starts out hard, loud, and fast and gets more so as the piece goes on. I LOVE this. This is far and above the best thing he's ever done and really showcases what he's capable of. Now, I've never heard the original so I can't comment on that aspect of the debate, but I know you can only get so original with trance without going into something completely inaccessable to most of the listening public. The bottom line is, very impresive dance track.
  7. I see the gerudo valley theme from OOT the same as Schala's theme or Time Circuits (both from Chrono Trigger)...WAY overdone. I think there are some people here at the site that need to find some new music to remix, trust me there's plenty of music out there that hasn't been done and is waiting to be done in various ways. All you have to do is take a glance at the WIP forum to realize there's still far too many people remixing Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy/Mega Man. Yes, they all have good soundtracks, but it's time to MOVE ON...k? (end rant) Anyway, this being said I will say I was very impressed with this mix. I love the ethinic/electronic thing (with a dash of strings near the end) he's got going on here. Not only has he shown that he's got talent, but technical expertise as well. Congrats, man.
  8. As one of the judges pointed out (I think it was The Wingless) we have trance up the anus here at the site, but not a whole lot of house, let alone GOOD house. I have some friends here locally that are house djs and this sounds like something they would spin in their set. I liked the voice samples even though I seem to be in the minority here. It captures the essence of house, a booty shakin', slammin' good time. My only complaint is that the piano feels a bit out of place, but I'm not sure what I would have put there instead, so it'll have to do.
  9. I agree with Kamikaze Noodle, this does sound like radiohead. I love the acid rock vibe it's got going on. I read the "making of" section and while I'm ignorant to most of it (mostly the technicality of it), I will say that you know just the right combination of instruments to get the sound you want. Brilliant.
  10. Ok man, I absolutely have to give you mad props for trying something as ballsy as this. For the atmosphere and tone of the remix (one of pure fun) it's perfect. Once again you have proven your talent. I look forward to your next remix. I have all of them so far, including the extended Save Me, which I regard as one of the greatest trance mixes ever.
  11. Thanks for the compliment, analoq. I have a very decent but very untrained ear...a situation I am very soon going to remedy. One of the many genres I enjoy is the industrial/electronic sound, kinda like NIN but not as fucked up If anyone has any good suggestions for good bands here, drop me a line. Again, good stuff, very professional.
  12. Analoq, good work I say. Does anyone else think the whole song has a Nine Inch Nails feel to it? Maybe a bit more pop-ish, but still the dark, pulsating feel Trent Reznor has to most of his music. I dig the opening bassline, very similar to the opening bassline to More Human Than Human (and I loved that too).
  13. IDM?? Ugh....althought I could see him pulling it off rather well... I'm a big fan of his stuff, because it always tends to be unconventional. I like that kind of music or style. For instance, I LOVED Trippin' on Alligators from Bayou Billy. I loved the happy industrial feel this has to it. Keep 'em coming man.
  14. Hmm, much of like any of Mazedude's remixes, I've always appreciated pieces that fly in the face of convention in some way. I happen to like the "new age r&b" flavor it gives the remix. When I first downloaded it, I thought "geez, 6 and half minutes?" as some remixes of that length to get a little self indulgent and repetitive, but this one is very well paced and styled. I really like this a lot...in case you couldn't tell already. Dan, excellent job in creating a standout remix for a game saturated with remixes.
  15. Now what amazes me is what I hear that all (or primarily) what he uses is Fruityloops. Amazing. I love the low-fi panning intro that explodes into the main theme. That gets me every time. One of my favorite remixes on the site.
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