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    I like to think I'm well-versed in the English language, and if that's true perhaps I would be useful to someone as a Lyricist. My name is Darren Shannon and I am an avid gamer, from the days of Atari and Super Nintendo. I've been a visitor to OverClocked Remix for a long time, however I only recently decided to create an account. It seems like a good way to socialize and interact with people with similar interests to my own.
    Two of the major influences in my life that seem relevant would be Yasunori Mitsuda and Matthew Good. The beautifully arranged orchestral feeling of Mitsuda's compositions are capable of setting the exact mood that was trying to be conveyed, while Matthew Good's use of language is unique in both style and how it affects those who listen to it closely.
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  1. So I spent a lot of time thinking about how I should introduce myself on the forums, and I've decided that instead of actually telling you what I'm like, and the strange tendencies I have, it would be special if I just said hello. So... Hello, I'm new to the Forums, and I've spent a great deal of time in my life listening to the amazing remixes that come out of this fantastic community. Hopefully there's something I can do to help someone on here and make the community even better.
  2. This mix has a nice introduction, showing a lot of presence in the beginning, but where I think it really shows a new perspective of the Castlevania remixes, is from 1:25 onwards. The calmer, more fluid acoustic mix is much more inviting to me, giving me a more interested feeling, and helping me to want to hear more. Good remix, I will look for more of your work.
  3. This being my first review of anything on OCR, I thought I'd look for something I really enjoyed so that it would make the review easier for me(I found that with this remix). The remix is expertly conveying the original emotions of the source, while co-opting a more upbeat feel that really suits the harmony. Not being a vocationalist for an abundance of audio terms, I can't really praise specific parts of the song that I want to, or try to point out things I think could have been done better. For this collaborative effort though, I would have to say that the things that could have been improved are minimal, while what I enjoyed was thoroughly consistent. Congratulations, your work together is very interesting and I will look out for more tracks by both of you together and seperately.