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  1. It sounds a lot like the Ultima 6: Gates of Creation remix by Potshot. There's more stuff on top of the sound, so it's harder hidden, but I swear, it's almost the same thing through a lot of it. It also goes a good deal faster. This is not to say that it's a bad remix, not at all. Both remixes are great, really, really excellent.
  2. Damn, this rules. The voice is really, really great. Sounds amazingly authentic, even like it has a vague German accent. Let's see more stuff like this!
  3. I hear some Doom 2 in this one, though not too much. I don't really care, however, as the remix totally kicks ass It starts slowly, lightly then fluidly glides into the heavier parts. It gives me the mental image of some immense, dark, tunnelly place, and a couple of explorers with only flashlights to light their way. Slowly exploring the mysterious place, first full of wonder and questions, then realizing what they've stumbled upon.... Dunno, I might just be wierd, but that's what I see if I close my eyes while listening to this
  4. Yeah, this is without a doubt probably one of the best OC Remixes I've ever listened to. Good job Ziwtra. Only others that are about as good as it are Monkey Brain Soup For The Soul and SpekkioBeachParty. And I disagree with the pure gold comment. It's 100% diamond
  5. I honestly like the new version of the remix It feels more complete than the older one, more like a single continous wave rather than a lot of isolated parts. Dunno if that makes sense
  6. Amazingly Excellent. Those two words is the song in a short form It has enough of the original to be recognized as such, but it's still also got enough new stuff that you're not merely listening to a variant of the original. I simply love everything about it. I don't think that I've enjoyed a remix this much in a long time
  7. Exdeath from FF5 was one hell of a mean bitch. Toughest endgame boss from FF4-7. In the end I only beat the bastard by making all of my characters Mimics and cheesing through it by constantly Miming Bahamut summons, Flares and Holy spells. He really fooled me at first, too. I started out thinking that he'd be as easy as Zeromus or Kefka after bitchslapping his first form. Then out comes this second form and I think, "Ah, another easy battle....." About six losses later I'd changed my opinion. Emerald Weapon from FF7 wasn't too bad. He did 1111 multiplied by the amount of Materia that a character carried. So you just had to go down to one Phoenix linked to a Final Attack for each. A high-powered Knights Of The Round for one. And then Mime/Master Command materias for the other two. Just keep miming the KOTR summon and whenever you die you'll be resurrected with full HP AND do some damage as well. Ruby Weapon, though..... Even worse than Exdeath. After being beaten in about one minute by him once I just plain gave up. He slaughtered me so easily.... Omega-thingy in FF6(or was it FF5? Or both?) was also pretty damn lethal. Approach it expecting just another easy battle..... Die within five seconds. Chrono Trigger had one tough boss that I remember. Second boss that you fight in the game, I believe, or the third. The Dragon Engine, the one that you battle while in the Present Time prison. You more or less HAVE to find the hidden Lode Sword to defeat it, and even then it's a challenge! Usually takes me about 3-5 fights to defeat it if I haven't done any purposeful levelling earlier on and just engage it in a fair battle. Can't really think of any other tough bosses that I've had problems with.... Btw, I've heard a rumour that Ruby Weapon will die if you smack him with 55 Phoenix Downs or something akin to it, is this true? Might give me a chance next time I fight the bastard
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