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  1. It seems to me like the No Balls, No Glory album.
  2. It seems too me that you view Magus/Janus as a metal kind of person whilst Kaeru/Frog/Glen as a more classical person. I actually like the way you set up this piece and how they constantly battle each other. A true Chrono Trigger fan would instantly love this piece.
  3. I really enjoyed this piece. Maybe on the next Pokemon album, if there is one, it might be on it. You have my vote. I really liked the piano parts. It was very sad tune indeed.
  4. I'd personally love to see more Landstalker remixes. It's my favorite game from the Genesis and the music was good. I was also thinking of a joke title as a song, Not a Thornberry, because you know Nigel is the main character. I would love to see bLiNd, xaleph, or Sixto Sounds. But any artist will do. Thanks to anyone who'll take their time to do my request.