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    I'm an old school gamer from the 1980's.
    still use the old systems and collect old cartidges.
    8-bit nintendo and Super nintendo and some sega genesis.
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  1. Too bad there's not more stuff from this band. Love how they take the video game music and mix it with old [early 80's metal] like iron maiden but more hardcore. Love the palm muting on the guitar, don;t know how to explain that technique but it's great. This song is so fun to sing to, especially if you;re one who has spent years singing in this sort of way. I can go higher notes with the vibrato , but this singer still does good. I can hear him trying really hard to go high [like at the end] but it sounds like he's just under the note he wants. singing in this style is not easy, and when I hear someone who is working at it i always say good work. any person off the street can sing, but only real singers can do the metal high note scream vibrato opera singing
  2. hey......................

  3. nice selection. ah yes, going back and forth out of foresta to collect potions. This game has so much good music, suprised there's not more entrys for this game. I know alot of people have beef with this game, but [imo] it's actually one of the better 16 bit rpgs. My friend did a very kick-ass remix of the battle music but he said it got denied. oh well, thanks for making this track very nice and peaceful for a good mood.
  4. Sounds really great. except i kept waiting for that one part [0.04] to come back around at the end but it never did.
  5. welcome to my domain

  6. Yes, this is good. almost sounds like it could have benn made 15 or 20 years ago. because it has this acoustic sort of sound, like it was made with old school equipment. instead of that modern perfect electronic crisp. instead there seems to be a more loose edges. i dont know what Im talking about now. you got a download from me
  7. This is interesting, . I have to be honest and say it always bothers me when the vocal is doing the exact same thing as the lead melody, idk thats just me. I'll have to listen to it some more. I like the everglades reference. Hayley paramore? uh, yea maybe she was sorta cool like five or six years ago. the direction her band went in was very , er teeny-boppingly-disappointing.
  8. Awesome. I was waiting a very long time to see if anybody would ever cover this tune. The chameleon boss always seemed overlooked in the world of mega man remix music. I think somebody else uploaded another version of this track a couple weeks ago, but it really didnt capture the aspects that made sting chameleon's stage music so neat. I'm sure it holds up for somebody who likes that "orchestra" stuff, it just wasnt my cup of herbal tea. This one I like better because it stays closer to the original tempo and style. Electric guitars and synth galore!!! I'll be listening to this one...
  9. I was too old to have appreciated the whole pokeman thing, I never played any of the games and only saw the tv show because of my baby brother. So I am not familiar with any of the pokeman music, but I really like this track. and all of fishys other tracks too!***
  10. I really like this. Everything is wonderful. The leads and even that nice underlying pulse sound that comes in every now and then. Great work, thanks! *It sounds very much like that Buck Rogers disco scene. Buck rogers disco music from 1979. yes that's right kids, 1979.
  11. Lovin this one. Been playing it over and over. Perfect for the summer time, green trees and blue skies. Relaxing but still has some upbeat energy and nice power up sounds. Awesome baseline.like walking on a beach on a sunny day with palm trees and drinking a cold beer.
  12. one of the best games ever. i don't know why everybody gets so worked up about the water level. it's actually one of the more easy parts of the game. awesome mix, loved Shnabublas game genie album too
  13. Yea I liek it, pushing squares...who cares if its not close to source material, I come to this site for good music, i couldn;t care less aboput all the politics of video game music. THANKS!!! remids me of the late 90's!!!!!!!!! makes me want to buy a crap load of glow sticks and have a rave party...but nobody would want to do that these days...oh well....
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