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    I'm a longtime RPG gamer and avid listener of game, movie, and anime soundtracks. Which of course makes me into an avid remix listener as well! If you need a test audience, I'm happy to volunteer. Unfortunately I have no composition skills of my own.
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    Vocals: Female
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    Acoustic Guitar
  1. I absolutely LOVE live instrumentation when it comes to game remixes! Its a great way to introduce people who don't play games to video game music and prove that it's something worth their time. Great job, guys!
  2. I was finally able to go see you guys at Otakon last year and it was a lot of fun to hear about all the projects OCRemix released in the past year plus the plans for the future. So more of that, please! It would also be fun to hear about any collabs the community members are doing with video game developers this year, and if you have any blooper footage from the studio recordings for the FF6 remix album, that would be awesome too! Congrats on sticking through with FF6 and finally getting it out to the public!!
  3. Since this will be the first time I've crashed your panel, anything you guys do will be fun for me! I'm looking forward to meeting some of the people whose music I've been listening to for years.
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