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  1. By the way it has different background melody in parts 0-0:50 and 0:50-1:30.
  2. Another revision of the music. I was going to post this in a Happy New Year topic in the fan group of the game. The Guardian Legend game on NES. This version is changed quite a lot in the mixing. Let me know what you think. Maybe some obvious mistakes need to be fixed. P.S. Is there some kind of player possible to insert into the forum? I haven't uploaded this to youtube yet. Bixenter - Crystal World SE v2.mp3
  3. Hey Gario, Thanks to checking out. I need some specifications please. 1. download here: 2. there another great thing I did. I expanded the original loop with continue melody. The thing you hear like after 0:36 is my original melody expanding the game loop. That was initial purpose as I hate how the original loop feels unfinished. I am not sure is conservative so bad, but I expanded the game loop showing how the song could be much better in the original game. 3. Not sure what you mean about static soundscape. Not the melody I guess? 4. I have no idea what Vanilla means here. It is few layers of simple waveform presets(made by myself) some of them are filtered + some backgound brass like synth. Personally I find this sound quite pleasant and fitting the electricized background. I can try to change the lead sound. But see no point to make it frequency moving. The moving might make sense for background instruments. 5. Not sure what kind of drum precense you mean. Louder? The snare has some ammount of verb but it is lost in all the other reflections. Adding more reverb to snare doesn't make it audiable but only makes things muddy. I'll try other snare. Maybe you mean to make stronger kick? This kick came from the older version of the song. It's pretty short live kick pushed up. It can be changed to other kick but what kind? Stronger snap? Should it be longer one? There is sidechain from the kick on the low frequencies on the bass. So when kick plays the lows below 150hz are ducking. Maybe to sidechain more stuff with the kick? Not only the bass?
  4. Guys? I am ready for review. I think to submit this track to OCRemix. What do you think? Admin?
  5. Hello, My music track for review. The music is from The Guardian Legend NES game. Below the original tune. Original tune:
  6. I did not edited my post It was mentioned there. Maybe not too clear. My english not so good.
  7. Hi DarkEco, This is not supposed for review for improvements. This track is pretty unfinished and I will not have time to finish it any more. So I just upload as is. Not sure where to find the original music separately. Here it is starts on 12:52 .(I attached vid with start from that time, hope it works)
  8. Here is my remix/cover for Zen Intergalactic Ninja - Oil Rig Stage. I would work on it more if had time. But decided to put as is cuz it lays like 2 years already. It is a 3x loop. Let me know what you think.
  9. Hello. My remix is 6:28 length. In 192 kbps it is 8.86 mb Can I use VBR to keep quality and match the 8mb requirement? or should I use 160kbps?
  10. Hello Registred here to submit one song. Made a very good remix\upgrade to a song from NES game The Guardian Legend. Hope it'll be accepted. Other than that I compose original songs. Is the only way for newbie to submit songs is by email?