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  1. I'm in!! There really are too many songs to name that testament his greatness (though I'm a particular fan of the FFVI opera, the various Chocobo songs and, of course, 'One Winged Angel') and Nobuo Uematsu deserves to have millions of people tell him how incredible his music is.
  2. I've been playing Terranigma a lot lately, and this one song just seems to have a lot of potential to me - a catchy tune! I wonder if anyone can make something great out of it. Of course, if anyone interested cannot find the songs, just e-mail and I can send either SPC or a very good MID to you.
  3. I love the ReMix, it rocks. There's only one minor question I have... I think it resembles 'the secret of mana' more than it does 'obsession' (I checked and double-checked with my SPCs, and I still think it resembles 'the secret of mana'...) - am I really as deaf as I'm now thinking I am? But, still, this remix is great. Humongously fantastic, I tell you!! ^_~
  4. Could it be possible that this ReMix was circulating earlier? My brother - a self-confessed Metroid freak - has downloaded this from Limewire a few months ago... is that possible? I've checked the two files, and they're exactly the same...
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