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  1. Hey, might as well mention what I'm watching One Piece (off and on, I stopped last in the Enies Lobby arc) Ace of the Diamond (i like baseball) I Couldn't Be A Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided To Get A Job (for now. Can't decide if I want to stick with this one yet) Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor (I've been told this is horrid, but DtB didn't provide the closure I wanted so I'm desperate) XXXholic (just started, I like it, but the random connection to Tsubasa is weird) Tsubasa (my gf is making me ) Recently finished: Outlaw Star (It wasn't too bad. Hated jim tho)
  2. I have never been more nervous in my life lol I dunno why nothing I can do about it and I think you'll like it BUT I COULD BE WRONG
  3. They emailed me, but it was in French so I only kind of understood what was going on... but there was a phone number on there, if you need it lmk
  4. Thanks Anorax! I'll def be wearing that link-santa shirt tomorrow for christmas :3 Also just to mention Cherna, sorry that my thing didn't get to you before you left for holiday, according to the estimates it was going to get there like today or tomorrow. Hopefully you won't hate it, I kinda just made a blind guess hopefully i didn't break some unspoken rule by saying that lol
  5. I have been informed that a package arrived at my home from "teeturtle" and I haven't ordered anything from them, so I assume it's my thing. So to whoever sent it, thanks! I'll post pics when I get back after university's done.
  6. Okay, so I made an order with a company I've never used before, and I've sent it international, which I've never done before, and I completely guessed on the gift... Hopefully it gets there around the right time and it's not a complete flop
  7. Hey everyone! I'm sure next to no one remembers me, but I was a fairly active compo participant for a couple years around here. I think that I entered every Mega Man compo for a while and always got knocked out first round. Anyways, I found my truer calling when I got to college: radio! I don't have to compose music and I get to talk about things that I know nothing about like I know everything. It's a perfect job So my student station is having their big Christmas broadcast thing, and my show (Link to the Beat) is doing a 12-hour overnight extravaganza. Since it is christmas, I need to accrue a nice selection of ice world themes so that my show's somewhat congruent with the rest of the broadcast. If you guys have any recommendations for ice, snow or winter themed soundtracks, songs or remixes of video game stuff, let me know so that I can use it! I'll happily give you all credit on the air too If you want to listen in, the stream is here, and our facebook page is here. The big show is from 10 pm Saturday to 10 am Sunday CST. You should listen in!
  8. why not it's not like i've been dead for, what, a year and a half? i like gifts
  9. Awww thanks MW. I remember how much you hated my mixes back during the last couple compos I'm glad I'm getting better, though I'm still not that good I'm curious what those "signature quirks" are. Also that first lead was meant to be that superverby and stuff. I liked it like that lol
  10. holy shit it does. Must have just grown accustomed to it. :/ At least i did one thing right. yay me.
  11. Okami basically retells Japanese mythology, but with more puppies I recall that King of Fighters has some ties to Japanese mythology too, mostly the inclusion of Orochi as an antagonistic force in the early games Isn't Dynasty Warriors set in Feudal Japan? There are some parallels to Christian stuff in the Megaman Zero series, including a lot of sacrificial death, and some of the villains being very antichrist like (both Weil and Copy X) Seth in Street Fighter IV has a yin yang symbol in his stomach... does that count? EDIT: also, the Silent Hill series is drowning in religious symbolism, especially the ones that involve the cult (1, 3, 4, Homecoming, Origins). It's kinda like if they really missed the point of Christianity lol
  12. I forgot to say in my entry that I remixed Gestahl's Empire from FF6. Just so ya knowwwww
  13. I have The Art And Craft of Popular Music too, as well as Favorites at Play (his cover album). His new album, Dwarf Mountain Alphabet, was released independently tho, you can find it at http://joyelectric.bandcamp.com/album/dwarf-mountain-alphabet it sounds very 80s :P

  14. Wow, you have pretty much the same collection as me lol. I have "The Art and Craft of Popular Music" which is pretty much just a collection of his old stuff, and it has a few great tracks (like "Sugar Rush"!). You're right, "My Grandfather, the Cubist" is pretty awesome, but I don't have anything after that :( Now that I have Spotify though I guess I should go listen to it all!

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