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  1. Hey guys. Just to let you know, we're going to do a little mini check-in soon. Just to make sure were all on the same page. Talk to all you guys soon.
  2. Well, that's one heck of a break we took. Sorry about that. College kinda sucks if you want to have time. Anyways, a two fold post. First reason is to show we are still active. And the second reason is for a bit of news regarding the album. We decided to go the way of the DKC3 album and allow for multiple claims on songs. The way it'll work is the first claim goes on the main album. All subsequent claims will go on bonus discs. I hope you guys had a good Easter and hope your remixing is going well. Talk to you guys soon.
  3. Uh.... It can? If you mean asking questions thats fine. Otherwise, I'm confused.
  4. It's fine buddy. Asking is never a bad thing. And 1am replies aren't going to be my most elaborate ones. So sorry if it came off like I was annoyed.
  5. You didn't miss anything. We've just been a bit busy. You'll get feedback in the morning Kanohi. And everyone else with a WIP(if we haven't already). Just hang on a little longer.
  6. Alright. Time to explain. When we were making the song list, we had the main songs we wanted that were the ones everyone knows. After that, we thought up the ones that were important, but not like level theme important. So at that time, we just thought we'd have a main disc and a bonus disc. But then we added more songs as we thought of them, all the while still calling it a bonus disc. You guys are right, it does seem like cheating to call it a bonus disc. You guys also need to remember that nothing is final until the album is done. We can change it to a disc 2 and have a bonus disc for other stuff. It's also why at the bottom I said we are open to suggestions. So in that sense, I thank you. Because it's not something neither I nor Mairujyat have talked about as this project has gone on. If you guys have more suggestions, lets us know. We appreciate all the support you guys have given us on this project. It's taken off a lot faster than we envisioned and it's awesome watching it grow. Keep up the good work guys (and girls)! *Edit: I'm also hesitant to actually give disc numbers at this point. Until the songs are finished and come in for us to see, I won't know how I will have to split the discs up. So on that note, we'll all have to wait and see.* -Nick
  7. It's us checking how progress is going on the song and making sure you guys didn't just claim a song and then forget about it. If you have a WIP for your remix, we would also like to hear it. That's all.
  8. While your at it, can you put ours on there too? We are actively recruiting right now. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42271
  9. Hey guys, hope the remixing is going good. Just a quick reminder to everyone, we've got a check-in in a couple of weeks. See ya then.
  10. Cool. I liked that piece you linked. Just let us know what you plan later on. But yeah, the Final Boss theme is yours.
  11. No problem. Troff n' Scoff is yours. Also, that is a really good remix!
  12. I'll be going to MAGfest. Can't wait for it to start!
  13. Collaboration is fine by me! Wahoo!! I can't wait to hear this one get done!
  14. @Emunator: Thanks! We probably will cause that would be really helpful. @DaMonz: Thanks for the interest. I hope you find time to help eventually. We would love the help.
  15. Thanks! And I'll hold you to that offer if it comes to that.
  16. You are wanting to do both songs you listed right?

  17. Sweet. Let us know what you'd be interested in doing.
  18. Game: Donkey Kong 64 (DK64) Concept: The main concept of the album is so that when it is listened to, it almost tells the story of the game. Make the songs sound like what you think the level represents, i.e.: a jungle, a giant factory, whatever. Make it so that someone who has never heard it can still hear the original song but know the environment it is in. Guidelines: All genres minus ear-rape are accepted. Techno is allowed, but we would like a demo of prior works to be sure that it is unique enough. The pieces should reflect on the level/world/character they represent, or some quality that the remixer sees in the level itself; should be unique. Try to avoid staying too close to the original, and try to lean more towards the genre the remix best fits into. It is recommended that people revisit the game to make sure they are familiar with the songs and also to gain some possible inspiration. It is also recommended that any remixer elaborate a little on what they plan to do to the song they claim in the description. This not only helps us by avoiding an over saturation of certain genres, but it might help other remixers as well. Timeline: The deadline for the album will be around Sept. 24th, 2014. This gives us time to submit the album to OCR and have it available for DK64's 15th anniversary. Deadlines for Check-ins: Feb. 13th, 2013 May. 15th, 2013 Aug. 14th, 2013 Nov. 29th, 2013 Jan. 12th, 2014 Apr. 14th, 2014 July. 13th, 2014 (WIP's are due) Sept. 24th, 2014 (Final Deadline) Personnel: Mairujyat (Director), SoSiouxMe (Co-Director) People who we need: Remixers, People to QA the WIP's, Artists, and anyone who could offer assistance on the album, whether it be helping with remixing or advertising. Track List: 1 ) Main Menu ( ) (Claimed by Afilion)2 ) DK Rap ( ) (Claimed by Kirbopher)3 ) DK Isle ( ) (Claimed by Argle) -DK's Tree-house ( ) 4 ) Monkey Smash ( ) (Claimed by BlueTronic)5 ) Jungle Japes ( ) (Claimed by HoboKa)6 ) Jungle Japes - Mine cart ( ) (Claimed by Chimpazilla)7 ) Tag Barrel ( ) (Claimed by James Stant aka. Saxomaphone)8 ) Angry Aztec ( ) (Claimed by Kanohi)9 ) Banana Fairy Island ( ) (Claimed by Cosmic Sounds)10 ) Frantic Factory ( ) (Claimed by Argle)11 ) Gloomy Galleon ( ) (Claimed by Cody Wedel)12 ) Mermaid Palace ( ) (Claimed by Mairujyat)13 ) Fungi Forest (Claimed by Emunator and Chimpazilla) -Day ( ) -Night ( ) 14 ) Fungi Forest - Mine cart ( ) (Claimed by Kruai)15 ) Crystal Caves ( ) (Claimed by Skyline Drop) -Crystal Caves Earthquake ( ) 16 ) Creepy Castle ( ) (Claimed by HoboKa)17 ) Creepy Castle - Mine cart ( )18 ) K.Rools Theme ( )19 ) Hideout Helm (Claimed by SoSiouxMe and Mairujyat) -Theme A ( ) -Theme B ( ) 20 ) Bonus Barrel -Intro ( ) -Normal Theme ( ) -Hideout Helm Version ( ) 21 ) Final Boss ( ) 22+ ) Any song that works in the main album that isn't listed here. Bonus Disc 1 ) Rambi Theme ( ) (Claimed by Cash and Change)2 ) Enguarde Theme ( )3 ) Funky Kong ( ) (Claimed by Blue Magic)4 ) Candy Kong ( )5 ) Cranky Kong ( )6 ) Wrinkly Kong ( ) (Claimed by Draconiator)7 ) Snide H.Q. ( ) (Claimed by New Age Retro Hippie) -Krem Isle Version ( ) 8 ) Troff 'n' Scoff ( ) (Claimed by Chiwalker)9 ) Angry Aztec Boss ( ) (Claimed by BlueTronic)10 ) Creepy Castle Boss ( ) (Claimed by BlueTronic)11 ) K. Lumsy ( ) -Happy Theme ( ) 12 ) Battle Theme ( )13 ) Pause Menu ( )14 ) Boss Medley (Subject to change if multiple people claim tracks individually) -Jungle Japes ( ) -Angry Aztec ( ) -Frantic Factory ( ) -Gloomy Galleon ( ) -Fungi Forest ( ) -Crystal Caves ( ) -Creepy Castle ( ) 15 ) Power-up Barrel Medley (Not subject to individual claims) -DK's Barrel ( ) -Diddy's Barrel ( ) -Tiny's Barrel ( ) -Lanky's Barrel ( ) -Chunky's Barrel ( ) *Order of songs subject to change upon completion* Level of Completion: Unclaimed song Claimed without WIP Claimed with WIP Finished Song *Suggestions are welcome for additional input.*
  19. It's about time Crash got some love on OCR. I wouldn't mind doing the Egypt theme.
  20. Since Dream actually has a fair few compositions out thanks to Grant, I would say it applies only to the beta music.
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