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  1. On 9/11/2017 at 4:38 AM, nitrozsz said:

    Final Fantasy X HD....the dark aeons.

    I grinded and grinded and grinded and grinded as much as I could. And then I met Dark Yojimbo. A tough battle indeed. But to win that tough battle five times in a row without saving in between? I couldn't. 

    I don't have the time or patience to grind and grind so much that everyone has max stats. I just don't. 

    So I decided to quit on the dark aeons, and instead focus on beating Nemesis. I wanted to at least feel like all that grinding I did was worth SOMETHING.

    I never got the point in "challenges" like the dark aeons where the game essentially forces you to take an unfair course of action - you can either 1shot yojimbo them, because the game gives you the option as if it already knows it's not worth it to beat the challenge "legit", or look up the one feasible strategy for beating them. Well, it may not be THAT black and white, but for example in my case I was simply screwed because I didn't like either Wakka or Rikku in the least and never used them, and learning later that they are the strongest characters in the game and the only ones that can beat the majority of those things.. well let's just say that I was done with the optional stuff at that point.  

  2. Clicking that link (poll) gives me a "site can't be reached". 

    Naturally, really bummed to hear it came to this. Brandon was one of the few people who instantly gave me his approval&trust when I first auditioned to him a long time ago, and he was always proactive, inviting me on projects and trusting me with key songs... Now I can't rely on that anymore, gotta try and get posted at long last lol.

    What will become of the FF3 project? I've been involved with it quite a lot, with 2 key songs to my name, would be a real shame to see it cancelled. 

  3. 18 hours ago, Sir_NutS said:

    It works exactly this way in tf2

    On 6/7/2016 at 2:51 AM, Kat said:

    Try to flank it. It turns almost instantly and begins firing into your face. Try to dash past it via Genji or Tracer - Note how during the .2s travel time it locks on and fires several bullets(which all hit you - it has 100% accuracy even on fast moving targets).


    9 hours ago, Sir_NutS said:

    I know they aren't exactly the same.

    Get it? 

    Personally, I've not had much problems with enemy torbs, but I sure like to wreck disorganized attack teams with him. But every once in a while the enemy team actually knows how to completely counter the turrets (I don't think it's as hard as some people here feel) and when that happens, good ol' torbs isn't good for shit. 


  4. On 5/1/2016 at 1:07 AM, Necrox said:

    This is a pretty strong album, overall more so than the first  IMO. Lots of interesting styles and creativity here; it feels like the artists all really made the source(s) their own. RiverSound, your track reminds of an idea I once had to use that tune as a ballad in an indoor drumline show. It sounds great; the last 90 seconds are really interesting. Once again, Darkesword makes a great conclusion.

    Thanks for the compliment, it means a lot to me as the only non-posted remixer on the album. I hope the last section was positively interesting! :-) Its inclusion was more of a passion thing for me, an attempt at making the song more memorable&unique... I've found that some of my favorite remixes(jade catacombs, the quick and the blue.. off the top of my head) incorporate totally unexpected&original sections in addition to rearranged source material so my best hope is that at least some people might enjoy my song in a similar vein. Here's hoping that ocr still accepts songs like that, and it isn't keeping my mix from getting posted.

  5. Yea I figured right off the bat you weren't trying to make it sound like it was made in the 80's, just imitate the style&analog sound. And it works =) This track is just great fun. I first listened to it with a bad pair of headphones so the song felt a little flat, hence the unnecessary comment about dynamics... The new version sounds really really good, you took it in exactly the right direction with added warmth and the samples sat better in the background. The evil chortle that closes the song out is awesome and embodies the wacky spirit of the song nicely. Take it to mastering and... maybe submit? The production is solid as hell so no problem there but I'm not sure whether the old geezers of the panel have gripes with overt sound effect sampling. 

  6. You had me with the cowbell lol =D A bit too much sampling going on for my tastes but otherwise I enjoyed the warm electronic soundscape that clearly harks back to 80's analog gear, but still comes across as modern so if you were going for more authenticity, you might need to de-modernize it a bit. Not that it's needed though, the song's pretty charming as is, even if it doesn't have huge amounts of dynamics. 

    ps. are you actually the mastermind behind ayssntittays? :-D that video is a work of genius. 

  7. Oh dear. The old, more-WiP-than-finished version of my song is so weak sauce in the trailer =D But what a privilege to have been a part of such an epic lineup of remixers. I'm like, a snot-faced greenhorn compared to these guys whose remixes I've been listening to since like 2007. 

    Gotta do a review of the whole album soon but it'd be kinda weird to be the first one to do so as an artist :-D

  8. 19 hours ago, Mirby said:

    Also excited for Theme of Bard if RiverSound is involved after hearing the Summoner theme on WATER.

    Appreciate the vote of confidence, Mirbs! If you liked this one, I don't think you'll be disappointed with Bard's theme - I'll make sure to work hard at it. :-)

  9. WOT!! So is this, like, actually gonna happen now? Pretty sweet timing, I gotta say. I'm right in the middle of my second playthrough of FFV. 

    So what's the game plan for Fire, Darke? Start with a clean slate or will you be getting back to some people who might have had.. something to do with it

  10. The whole episodic thing is a bit BS in my opinion but its a tell tale sign of the industry right now. With everything going the DLC route and VIP membership....Why make one game when you can sell 3 at 80 bucks a piece. The excuse that there is too much content for one game...I dont buy...FF7 was 3 discs and had a pretty expansive world for its day given its gameplay/graphics. They made it work, albeit on 3 discs, but they made it work. Thats just the work that used to be put into one game back then and I think that day and age has passed...


    It's not that the age of putting effort into your game has passed, it's just that the developers realized they can sell each of those discs separately  :<

  11. This one truly stands out in the vast sea of Metalman remixes, and is one of the songs that got me interested in remixing. Major props to Stevo for making my favorite acoustic guitar only- remix on OCR, which is saying a lot on a site like this.


    First, I must commend the production side of things - the overall quality is great and the guitars have a lovely mellow&warm sound that make this song truly unique. It works so well. Usually acoustic guitars are made to sound so sleek and bright, but this song is a fine example of giving it all a personal feel with some careful mixing and mastering.


    And what brings it all together, the superb arrangement, ranging from tender to upbeat and brings out the best of the legendary source melody. The backing guitars are perfectly executed and gel so well together, especially in the ballad-y first half. Such a great remix that continues to inspire me. 

  12. Why, in the name of all that's holy, hasn't there been another Preenus remix? Because if there's one thing this rocking masterpiece teaches us, it's that it will kick your ass and make you submit to its awesomeness until you willingly bend the knee before its supreme glory. That didn't even make a lick of sense, but what do you expect from someone who's listening to this frigging remix? Coherent thought and professional analysis?? Hell no, all you can think of is that hopefully no one sees you getting off on this song - again and again. 


    In the immortal words of a wise, old sage:


    "i may or may not have masturbated to this




  13. Can I just start by saying how much I love this song? I mean it's so tightly arranged, performed and produced that it's easy to love the song just on those merits, but where this remix really shines is the story. It's rare to have the narrative match the arrangement so perfectly... I genuinely feel like I'm not only listening to a great piece of music, but a story of epic proportions that bring Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns to mind, especially the final duels and what leads up to them. You simply can't not get emotionally invested. 


    And since people in this thread have taken a habit of picking a favorite line from the song... Well, this one for me embodies the final moments of a warrior who knows that eventually, someone will come who is stronger - or in this case, faster - than he is, and accepting that inevitable fate with dignity. 


    My circuits slow

    I'm not scared anymore

    I see the faces of my brothers that have fallen before

  14. Holy hot damn. How come I didn't find this until now. This is an unbelievable piano performance, and the fact that it's a remix, from one of the best Castlevania games no less, takes it to a whole 'nother level in my book. It's quite amazing to see game remixes get such a virtuosic treatment. Don't miss this one where VGM meets the technical purity&complexity of true classical music. 

  15.  Fixations in particular struck me strongly, as I had totally forgotten about the wedding music in the game. 

    Cheers for the pick-me-up! I really feel like I went out on a limb with the arrangement, but I'm glad if people can still enjoy it. Bringing even the minor&forgotten tracks back to people's minds is, after all, part of what remixing is all about. 


    I really gotta have myself a marathon in the near future and listen through the whole thing. 

  16. Welcome to the club. I want to do a listening party but the prime OCR audience is mostly US, and it's almost four and a half hours long which means if I want it to be at useful time for them I will be awake until like 4am.


    I'll see if I can make it happen though.

    Please, gmt+3 here, meaning I'd have to muscle through until 7am. Guess I'd better stock up on caffeine products. 

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