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  1. good grief this is sooooooo good. I listened to it years ago and re-found it today. Amazing segues into the different stages too.
  2. very lively. reminds me of brinstar because that's where the animals are, but goes with the main theme song. nice work!
  3. I've written a scraping implementation in objective-c for iPhone/iPad for my own personal use. I don't use it anymore but it was really fun to be able to search my remixes and have them offline. I also wrote a C# implementation for my windows desktop. I would love to see api.ocremix.org someday!!! check out this ocr app design that I found on behance https://www.behance.net/gallery/10587987/OC-ReMix-iPhone-App (I am in no way affiliated with behance, I just thought this was cool)
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