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  1. Wow. Um. Not sure what's to say that's constructive - I like it, keep it up, etc etc. Moral support! Mike Z
  2. Thumbs up from this noob. Been waiting for him to do something about this for ages (reflector). Mike Z
  3. Still amazing, even better than the SoundClick version was. Finish it up. <3 Mike Z - I don't 'do' constructive comments.
  4. I loved this game. I don't know what else to say. The soundtrack (or even a GBS) isn't online, and the ROM is ESRB protected. Luckily I own it, ergo I ripped it. It was one of the first games I ever beat, and it's hard. The music was good, or at least I think so. At least it deserves a dirty guitar or a latin remix, or something... In order of preference: Stage 5 Stage 7 Stage 4 Stage 6 Stage 2 Stage 1, Stage 3, and the ending had music I didn't like much, and the boss of Stage 3 had his own theme but I couldn't record it without sound effects getting in the way. Ah well, at least I finally bothered to rip what I wanted even if nobody remixes it. ElRad the Evil One can't stop me now. :^) It'd be neat if this turned into a "Project", but I suppose that's high hopes. Mike Z
  5. Done, hopefully -the ones here- are as good as last time. I didn't know which one you picked, so I did the same effects as last time to both. My laughing sucks. :^) Again, use as you see fit. Mike Z
  6. Adding to the original would mean re-recording and changing the inflection at the end so it all works as a paragraph. You want that, or the new stuff as a separate sentence? Let me know, I'll do it this afternoon. About the file hosting, I put it on my mom's website, so I can't really help you there. I'll be taking it down shortly, as well. Youshare or Megaupload are decent...but Putfile is fine, if you work at it you can dl the music anyway. :^) Also, I know very little about music aside from like or dislike, but I would skip the trance. (^.~) It didn't go with the intro, for me, and the intro is good. Although really, I just recorded those cuz voice acting is fun, so use 'em however you want. Mike Z
  7. I don't really do sound, or music, but I like doing voices. Is any of this (-link-) usable? :^) Mike Z
  8. Dang. From the title Road to Bowser, I was expecting it to be like something out of the Hope/Crosby films ("Road to Rio", "Road to Zanzibar", etc.) It's very good, though. (^.^) Mike Z
  9. Whoa, someone else who liked [the music for] this game! If I were a remixer, I'd do something with 06 (invincibility) and 10 (butterfly), but I'm not. Many words of encouragement... Mike Z
  10. This is the first remix I have been motivated to post a review of. It's an excellent take on the ending/credits theme from Gargoyle's Quest, a game - and a song in particular - which I had been hoping someone would remix. Easily one of my top 10 for music choice, as well as mixing skill and quality. Anyone for doing Breager's Castle? Mike Z
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