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  1. Nicholas Cage as someone from FF9? .... I can toss that request around but not promise anything lol. The deadline was given to me and with that the artists by Larry. I was contacted first by DJ Pretzel here via the forum in August or September already, but since I am not often in the forum I did not see it and Larry contacted me via email in the first November week. The first idea was to make a contest on ocr like with the Mario 64 Tribute before, but I thought that it could be a good opportunity to do collaboration. From an FF Art Collaboration on ga-hq I knew that there are many FF fans th
  2. The next one was just submitted, again Adalbert but together with Beatrix this time. Steiner and Beatrix by Angelus-Tenebrae Like said, I would prefer having time till around May. That would allow me to make our Album and Art Collaboration something where both the Music and the Visual Art would be represented in equal parts and we could publish it as a 15th Anniversary Tribute to Final Fantasy IX by both of our communities.
  3. Thats like asking after the releasedate of an OCR FF Album after 1 month The artists got a deadline of the 31st January, as said I would prefer having more time
  4. How about the deadline gets another delay and the album will be published to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Final Fantasy IX in Summer 2015? That would allow the Game-Art-HQ Artists to have more time, and I can reach more of them, figure out more artwork ideas and to release the album as the 15th Anniversary would be really cool I think. The Adalbert Steiner Illustration above by Fenrir-The-2nd is the first of around currently 13 illustrations which are in the works by GA-HQ members. Greets and a great start into 2015 everyone Hoffmann Game-Art-HQ
  5. Happy Birthday from me and the Game-Art-HQ Community, am going to celebrate this anniversary a bit with a blog as well. Thank you DJ Pretzel, Mazedude, bLind and so many more of you for all the good time we had while listening to your works and another thank you for all the awesome albums.
  6. Heya, I was only contacted by David and had a convo with Larry about what kind of images are cool for the collaboration. We are providing a new logo, illustrations of all the main protagonists and a few pair images like Steiner and Vivi and Zidane and Garnet as well as illustrations of some of the locations and vehicles When the album is out we will also do a gallery with the artworks on Game-Art-HQ and cross-promote the Album there
  7. Hello Reinhold here from Game-Art-HQ.com Am happy that we are collaborating to create a big tribute to Final Fantasy IX through the music and also visual art and am happy to announce that around 20 artists from GA-HQ are on board to create illustrations of Zidane, Garnet, Steiner and many more!
  8. Hello everyone, thought I share the news about our latest Art Tribute / Collaboration on Game-Art-HQ with you the KOF series turned exactly 20 years old today on the 25th August and we from the Game-Art-HQ Community found this important enough to organize an art collaboration by over 35 fans with the main focus on the many teams in the King of Fighters history. From KOF'94 up to XIII almost every game in the series is featured, fans from the USA, Asia, Australia and Europe participated in the project including some guys which work in the VG Industry. Here are some of the over 40 artworks mad
  9. Hope that Game Art HQ was helpful, are any submissions of "our" artists going to be used?
  10. Heya, one of the ga-hq artists who heard about the contest on dA was unsure if his email with the contest submission reached the ocr "hq" the submission can be found here http://applfruit.deviantart.com/art/TinyHugeIsland-441457442
  11. Hello, just wrote about the Contest and the album on Game-Art-HQ. But damn i wish there would be 2-3 more weeks. Just like a good remix, a good visual art needs time. Greets, Reinhold edit: Excellent
  12. Heya, good that i browsed in the forum today by coincedence, the art contest looks interesting and i am going to write about it in the GA-HQ Group on deviantART tomorrow. Would surprise me a lot if nobody would be interested! @Dhsu glad you enjoy the art, the website is a one-man project (myself) and i wish i had the time and knowledge to fix everything which can be fixed. Greets, RH /GBK
  13. Heya OCR Community just like one awesome video game remix album gets organized and published here on ocr we from the game-art-hq community are trying to do something similar with visual fan art since 2011. Our latest Art Tribute is about The Legend of Zelda Protagonists, but not Link and Princess Zelda, who were probably drawn many thousand times already, instead its about the others, ranging from the old Man who gives Link his first (wooden) Sword there in the cave in the firtst Legend of Zelda up to guys like Ravio from A Link Between Worlds. You can see the art tribute here: http://www
  14. Congrats @David and everyone else involved that OCR can start a new Kickstarter and solved the Problems with Square-Enix. Also thanks to Square-Enix for letting us fans get such a fan work dedicated to one of your best games of the past ever including a physical version of the upcoming album / tribute project.
  15. Thanks for the Info, i know OCR since 7 or 8 years. And yes, this is the first Album Project where OCR used Kickstarter, thats what i meant
  16. Lesson learned, i guess Next time, ask the license holders before starting such a project. From own experiences at Game-Art-HQ.com and Capcom i know thats damn important or else trouble awaits ya
  17. Hi, yes i know about at least a handful of artworks which were first made for the Game Art HQ Fan Project and than...after i promoted the official capcom project around 10 artists submitted their ga-hq works to the official one Chosen for sure are the 2nd Sodom http://www.game-art-hq.com/the-street-fighter-tribute-sodom/ , the first Q one http://www.game-art-hq.com/the-street-fighter-tribute-q/ was chosen as well, i forgot about the other ones and didnt make any notes I have seen over 30 of the pieces which are in the official art book however since they were also uploaded to deviantart and
  18. Heya DJPretzel! Guess whose website actually inspired me to create Game Art HQ and the Fan Art Projects To work with OCR sometimes for the benefit of the involved artists was a thought i offered here somewhen last year in a thread where i introduced game art hq and i hope that we can see one or another cooperation in the future While GA-HQ is different in its structure from OCR the fan art projects are relative similar created I am reaching thousands of artists and am sure there are always some who would love to help with cover and related artworks for an upcoming Album Currently there a
  19. Believe it or not..but Music Albums arent the only thing fans can do Here you can visit the SF 25th Anniversary Art Tribute As the founder of Game Art HQ.Com and strongly inspirated by the Overclocked Remix Community and their dedication to produce wonderful vgm arrangement albums i am proud to show you the Fan Art Project for the 25th Anniversary of the Street Fighter Series which saw its first release in august 1987....a long time and nearly 100 characters were created for the series...including the SFEX ones. Nearly all of these characters from SF I up to Poison from SFXT were drawn by
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