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  1. Ling Xiaoyu, Marshall Law, Paul Phoenix, Vega, Balrog and Juri Han were announced /confirmed today you can see hi-res artworks of them here http://www.game-art-hq.com/31346/street-fighter-x-tekken-ling-xiaoyu-marshall-law-paul-phoenix-vega-balrog-and-juri-han-hi-res-artworks/
  2. wow..the thread got down..hope its okay i revive it Not only was a lot done layout and design wise, content was added a ton too but a new Fan Art project (the third one) is on the way too, since its Street Fighter`s 25th Anniversary i organized a fan art tribute project like no other before. Not less than 214 Artists will be invovled if everything works. 113 artists signed up already 90 Street Fighter Characters from SF I up to SFXT (Poison Kiss) will be drawn by 2 artists each. 8 SF Characters will be drawn with a gender redesign /change 8 SF characters will be drawn 10-20 years olde
  3. It is rare that i really care for critique, normally i go my own way, without caring for consequences Today i went trough the posts here again though and changed relative many things designwise on game art hq http://www.game-art-hq.com/ It is for sure not the final designchange
  4. Heya, criticism is something precious for me, and i guess everyone who wants to create something or wants to build something up there are a lot points made in the last posts here though and i am changing some things here and there already, and consider some more thing is that i care 100 times more about the content so far than about the site design and when i look at google analytics the growing number of visitors and pageviews per visitor is more than fine.. the site is 4 1/2 months old only and i have around 800+ unique visitors on a day already which watch around 3,5 pages per visitor An
  5. thanks for the feedback, i never learned webdesign, i have no profis to help me and just got used to wordpress which i used for the site, i remember OCR got trough various redesigns over the years and ga-hq will most likely see different designs as well i saw that you do a legend of many project via your sign, maybe i can help you a bit with some art from the game itself recently i played it and made a lot screenshots of legend of mana and especially of all the characters, artifacts, places and soon the around 200 enemies as well http://www.game-art-hq.com/legend-of-mana-in-game-character
  6. nah, i guess they read the forums as well and if they found GA-HQ http://www.game-art-hq.com/ interesting they might have contacted me already However, everyone here who is in need of artists for fan art like a cover or a logo for a OC Project or something similar is welcome to contact me, i will do what i can do support any promising OCR Projects greets and a cool week everyone, gbk
  7. Hi, yesterday night before reading your comment i actually thought about the same It could work like: Remix Album Project gets announced + seems likely that it will be done I can promote remix album projects via my DA Groups and Game Art HQ to get some artists interested and have good contacts to even some professional artists If i get artists to help ocr projects and in return the artists and ga-hq gets mentioned and linked here on ocr it would be great for my project to become more popular i guess. And i think many OCR remixers and musicfans here might like the "visual remixes" in the fo
  8. Hello, first of all i hope its okay to write about an own website here..i ve read the rules but didnt see a part about it http://www.game-art-hq.com About 4 Months ago i started the project "Game-Art-HQ.Com" It was and is my target to make a platform for chosen fan art related to video games of a certain quality, just like it happens here with the judged remixes. Its in a whole a different system there, i dont have something like a jury, i alone ask artists which made fan art if i can feature their works ..so for now it totaly depends on my own opinion if someones works appear on
  9. Hi, i am ray from germany..know ocr since nearly 10 years now i think and finally decided to join this great community greets, gbk
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