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  1. There should be no problems with the ordering. I don't know exactly what kind of problems you've had, but if you have problems ordering this album I'm sure we can sort it out - if not else I'll send one of the copies I have.. Thanks for zircon willing to participate.
  2. I retouched the song a bit some days ago by mixing and mastering it again. My skills have improved a lot since the original was done, not to mention much better monitoring equipment I got now. Otherwise it's the same song. Download: Star Control 2: Hyperspace (Mark Vera's Electro Blast 2007 Mix) Not sure if OC takes retouched mixes.. and I'm too lazy to bother to find out so I let this be just here for download..
  3. Thanks. I almost forgot I had sent this song to ocr. Sorry that the mix is a bit thin on bass side, but hope you guys like it regardless of that.
  4. Thanks for the comments guys Atleast from me there is no Pkunk and Yehat in the queue (yet). Yehat I haven't even done, and the Pkunk I made I don't like myself (although the few who have heard it says it's good). There should be other sc2 remixes in the queue, we'll see if they get posted. I'll be putting Syreen remix into the queue soon..
  5. Some people love, some don't. I don't mind. Actually this is my second full length song I've made with real sequencer software and softsynths. First was the Wizardry (which used mainly sample based sounds). This remix was made in one night session, plus sleeping and mastering later (mastering could be better as well - again my early masterings). I've learned a lot since, so I could improve this remix a lot now days. When I was doing the arragement I wanted to preserve some of the the original structure. Some people expect remix to be total remix, some like it to be "upgraded" version. I would have wanted nice distorted electric guitar solo parts to this remix, but I don't possess the hardware nor skills to play one. Sample based electric guitars usually suck big time. Other things I'd do now, I would add a bit 80's here and there (mainly Linndrum sample set). Yes, I love 80's sound. And of course some vocoder singing - simple lyrics, maybe some Star Control lines talking about hyperspace. Maybe I re-remix this some day, but not today..
  6. Thanks for the comments guys. I'd like to say few words too. My friend requested this one couple of months ago. He had searched for good Wizardry remixes, but couldn't find that good ones (and I must agree with him). So I created this.. Back then I didn't even know this site existed One of my friends told me that I should submit my remix here, so here we are. My goal was to get the feeling of the original version. To keep the sprit as I see it. That comes in with the sample choice, especially on the melody leads and percussion. The cello strings were actually an accident, though it was good one What comes to the repetive part.. the original is actually as repetive as this one. I didn't want to "spoil" good original version with my originals. My opinion is that the charm of this song comes from it's repetive nature. The length? This remix is actually longer than most of the Wizardry remixes have heard! Those usually end with simple fading at point 1:30. So, the ending is actually only thing original from me. I felt that slowing down the tempo at the end would fit perfectly with the sounds (the cellos especially). Your suggestions are nice, maybe I'll remix this remix (heh) someday. You might want to know that there is one other of my remixes waiting in the queue.. I submitted it week after this Wizardry remix, so I'd expect it to show up at some point.. Thanks for the comments. Really makes me want to submit more remixes here in the future
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