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  1. There were only 2 main factors that determined what ending you got in Silent Hill as well.
  2. Normally, I'm all for new interpretations on themes, but this one doesn't work for me. It sounds good and there's a decent amount of skill in the arrangement, but as a take on Wily's Theme it doesn't really hold my interest or appeal to me. There's just something wrong with it. I honestly don't see myself listening to this song too much in the future.
  3. It was no comic. It was a clip from the UFO ending in SH3. No, the other comic that Dracko posted.
  4. I still love how the Pyramid Head introduction pays homage to the two closet scenes from Blue Velvet. Classy stuff.
  5. This does make sense, sure, but as far as I remember, we never see Angela facing Pyramid Head, though I can see your point, what with Pyramid Head's..hmm...carnal tastes.I'm just trying to see what the pyramid symbolises in reference to James. Following your no face idea, I can assume shame, but why a pyramid? It could have been any other shape. The Pyramid ties in with the caps the executioners wore back when Silent Hill was a military prison during the Civil War. Also, regarding the doorman/bedman controversy: They're called doormen in American strategy guides and documentation because A
  6. For me, the real problem with this mix was the low quality of the audio, especially the drums. The guitar work in itself is quite good, but the drums sound so strange that it's really distracting.
  7. well, I downloaded this when it was posted in WiP a few months ago, and I still love this remix. This mix has a great, eerie feeling to it, and the the "Space Station" tag is definitely apt, as it almost calls to mind images of deserted spacecraft. Mazedude has been putting out a string of great remixes lately, and this is one of the best.
  8. Steve Pordon delivers yet again with a SH2 remix that is simultaneously grim and beautiful. Great guitar playing and an atomosphere that works perfectly with the piece. Commendable work by Mr. Pordon on creating a mix that truly surpasses my admittedly high expectations for both his work and any remix of Yamaoka's music. It's addictive like crack, people. I should be sleeping right now, instead I've got this song on repeat for the third time. Like Guitars? Download it. Like the Silent Hill series? Download it. Hell, just download it, regardless of your preferences. Highly Recommended
  9. I stand corrected. Still, I never was able to keep interest playing as Richter long enough to do anything significant.
  10. Richter was little more than a novelty, seeing as how you couldn't access half of the castle with him. I had fun playing as him for about an hour, then I got bored and switched back to Alucard.
  11. Sephiroth = Dissapointingly Easy.
  12. Highly recommended. A more sedate take on a great theme, with plenty of expansion. This song makes an excellent counterpoint to FFmusic Dj's "TimeScars." Seriously, this is one of my favorite songs out of the entire Chrono series, and I appreciate any coverage of it. Kudos to gutzalpus on an excellent initial submission.
  13. QUIET FOOL! Any mention of ROM's, and this thread will turn into another fucking asshole flamewar on how ROMs are killing the game industry!
  14. Here's the post Haruspex is referring to:
  15. The sample WAS lock, stock, I believe, and the dialogue is also from Lock, Stock.Pick: "Ah! I've been shot!" Dog: "I don't fuckin' believe this, could everyone STOP getting shot around here?"
  16. Or not. Vagrant Story has one of the best battle systems of any action RPG. Compare it to the Summoner battle system, which clearly took inspiration from VS, or the battle system of the original Parasite Eve, which served as the stepping stone to VS, and you'll see just how good it is. The weapon system is almost a game in itself, and I'll take a good Vagrant Story battle over Star Ocean 2 any day.
  17. Great song. Good guitar work, good atomosphere, good use of Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels sample. I agree with Ginnsu that the sample flaws actually improve the song, I don't really hear any Aphex Twin in here (this is far too straightforward and melodic to remind my of anything by Mr. James...) My only complaint is that technically, this is a Retro Helix remix. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most (if not all,) of the dialogue samples are from RH. A sampling: "Was it worth dying for?" - from RH's opening vid. Hana talking to the dead body in the bathtub. "You had your fun on that pon
  18. I'm hesitant to post this, because I seem to be in the extreme minority here, but this song does nothing for me. I'm not saying it's a bad song, not by any stretch. The music is well written, and Starla is a talented vocalist. Yes, the vocals are too quiet, but that's not really my problem. There's just something in this song that prevents me from enjoying it. It's not like I dislike sentimental music (I still get chills from listening to "Promise" from Silent Hill 2,) it's just that there's something that really prevents me from getting into this as an emotional piece. I could just be a
  19. This is some decent coverage of Laguna's battle Theme, I will say that much. Great sound, very much on the level of most professional trance. Unfortunately, it just lacks a certain something for me. It just doesn't move to the same extent as Standby's "Desperados," which was the first remix of this theme I downloaded, and remains one of my favorite OC Remix trance tracks. I'm sure there are people out there that prefer this to "Desperados," I'm just not one of them. However, I do commend beatdrop for his take on a great theme. 7/10
  20. The Title made me think it was going to be more of a Squarepusher inspired song. "My Red Hot Car" is a great song. This is pretty good too, though. [Edit] I wrote the original review in hurry. I have to agree with endblink, however, this has very little NIN in it to my ears. And believe me, when you've listened to as much of Trent's music as I have, you KNOW Nine Inch Nails from the first few measures. I've never heard the original of this, but after listening a few times, I must say that this is a very interesting song. I'd recommend it, but not if you're expecting NIN, because you
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