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  1. As it stands, I was going for consistency, as if played by a band. I'll try and vary the textures a bit more across it, but I'm satisfied with the general lineup. The pumping is something I've struggled with for a while, but I think with this next version I've all but eliminated it. That's part of the reason I layered the two leads in the bridge and outro. I'll see about livening them up early on. I can see how it could. Energy was my overall second goal, but with my choice of lineup it'll be a pretty tall order. Thanks again you two! I'll have a new version done in n
  2. Eval: Built up lacking sections and finalized the whole track for evaluation!
  3. V5: Finally came up with a bridge to flesh out the whole skeleton of the track. More leads may come in later for the new section, but I'm satisfied with the structure.
  4. V4: Make of V3 what you will. Added a second verse. Still stuck on a good bridge.
  5. V2: Just added a few things to thicken it up.
  6. Original Track: Nuclear Mission Jam - Kelly Bailey Remix: Current Version: [eval] Past Versions: [v1] [v2] [v4] [v5] I'm hoping to slowly build a personal anthology of remixes based on games released in 1998. This first presentable one is from Half-Life, a classic shooter with a relatively underutilized score. After several months of tweaking and building on it, I'm confident in its eval status. A few elements were influenced by the sequel's CP Violation. Please let me know what you think of it as it's been made! Thanks!
  7. Stewart Copeland's compositions are quite amazing. So I thought I'd piece together a remix of one of the Spyro 1 tracks I found to be quite easy. It's just the first minute right now, though. I though I'd tweak as much as I can early on. Latest version Source
  8. Whoa, thinking that I wouldn't hear any more of Flogging Molly after discovering Devil's Dance Floor, I was genuinely surprised that such an energetic style was brought to an adaptation of Crash Bandicoot's awesome music. Nice work! I'll certainly have another track to listen to repeatedly.
  9. I'm personally really interested in the idea of a Crash 3 soundtrack. I'd love to offer a composition for the Cortex boss, but seeing as it's already been taken, and my relevant WIP is a mash-up between the Cortex themes of Crash 2 and 3. Good luck anyways!
  10. I agree I could probably invest in better sounds, though it probably won't be for a while. But if anyone would like to help out, cause this composition is too far ahead to crash down on my watch. I'll keep working on the composition itself, and I might be able to upload a complete one soon.
  11. Alright then, I dumped the idea of mixing the Egypt track, instead staying with the other 2 tracks. I filled up the percussion a bit more, but it's probably the hardest for me to make sound right. Anyways, here's the latest version. Hope you like it!
  12. Alright, I've changed a few things in the early part, and added a section to the end that includes an element from a new source: Here's the new link: http://www.filedropper.com/themindofcortexwip2 I couldn't get tindeck to upload the new file for some reason, so it's on FileDropper now.
  13. Well, I've had GarageBand up trying to think of how to continue this track. In the meantime, I've been traversing the IRCs seeking harsh criticism, or at the very least a response. Been fixing a few hiccups in the composition, and I might have a new version up at some point. Thanks!
  14. Hey guys! I've been quite a fan of OC ReMix for a while, even befriending sephfire through Extra Credits. However, I do admit that my own composition skills are way below average, and my tools are limited. I did put a lot of effort into this remix, though. So I'll just get this over with: Sources: Tools: GarageBand Latest version: WIP 3 Notes: I started out just remixing the Crash 3 track, since that was the only Naughty Dog era game I played. However, I randomly found the Crash 2 theme and became hooked just as much on it. I since started incorporating them together into the same track. I
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