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  1. Cool concept. I'd like to suggest Wild Arms 2 - for this.
  2. I know the piano spot's been taken, sort of, but I still want to sign up for it. As soon as I procure some decent sound recording equipment I'll send some samples. Would you prefer solo piano work or big band piano work samples?
  3. Sounds cool, I'll go check it out. As for suggestions: "Video Games are People Too" and "Game Sounds 64 Advance DS".
  4. Nobody's mentioned Lode Runner: The Legend Returns/Mad Monks' Revenge? Come to think of it, I'm strongly convinced that the music in TLR/MMR is perfect as it is, but what the hey, I'll take a shot at it. gonna try remixing this: Lode Runner: The Legend Returns/Mad Monks' Revenge: Crystal Hoard with which I have the strong desire to mash up with the Pokemon G/S/C Dark Cave theme for some reason.
  5. Pipe Dream is still mindblowing after all these years!!! It's my favorite next to Aqua Harp.
  6. So far this is the GREATEST main menu music I have ever heard in a video game. It's...near untouchable. I personally don't have the heart to remix this; but anyone else who can, go for it.
  7. Yo! Long time lurker first time someone. Recently I've had the sudden urge to learn how to compose music, and I felt that this was a good place to start. Ten years experience with piano, but I'm not very good at it. Also dipping my feet in piano score composition; I hope to submit some quality piano solos to the site in the near future.
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