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  1. I don't think minimalist is insulting, at least in this case, since I wasn't aiming for being very fx or tweak driven. Glad you dig it.
  2. I'm not sure where the WIP forum is (is that the workshop forum?). Anyway, I'm pretty done with it, though I may consider revisiting it in the future to make it a little more modern. My goal was to make it more retro than most remixes (or plain, if you will). I'll keep the critique I got in mind for future remixes. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19391959/thewholeworldcanwakeup.mp3 If it's not allowed to post here, let me know, I'll move it elsewhere or to the wip forum.
  3. haha, well, it seems to be getting closer, hopefully it gets approved soon Probably should have just put it up on my site ages ago, but it's so close now, I'll just wait it out
  4. I submitted it in mid-Jan, shortly after leaving the message, so just waiting to see if it is accepted. If it isnt't, I'll just post a link directly here. The remix is of the song Earth.
  5. I don't listen to my old old old stuff (I say one old for every ~4 years hah). But I do listen to most of my current stuff and stuff I made up to about 4 years ago maybe. I put it in with my other non-me music on my iPod and put it on shuffle. If my stuff comes up, great, if not, then that's okay too. I do that with friend's music often too, if it's good.
  6. Travis, I'd be able to help out directly with mastering if needed. I can help directly with mixing if it happens to be the same program I use or if he is willing to do a stem bounce. I could also give general EQ and mixing suggestions for him to use. As for #2, it's not about note placement as much as it is about EQ and compression, likely. #3 for patches, I'm sure there's lots of programs out there. If you're talking about what's included in cakewalk, then I haven't got a clue. But I'm sure there are some cheap programs out there with this option. If need be, I can maybe run some of it thro
  7. Hi, I'm Nate! (said in the style of 'Hi, I'm Daisy!!!') I knew of OCR before and I think I listened to some remixes, but doing remixes/covers of old tunes didn't really interest me until recently. I went to the OCR panel at Magfest and saw some familiar faces and everyone was just really nice and encouraging. I think the fact that I could meet up with fellow forum members in real life at some point is really awesome. I already did my first remix request yesterday and will submit soon, hopefully you'll dig it. On other forums I also go by bubblepipemedia, so if you already know me from another
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