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  1. Man, I'm glad I got my DC when I did. You should definitely try out The Typing of the Dead if you ever get the chance. Think House of the Dead 2, except all the zombies run at you holding little signs with words on 'em and once you type them out, the zombies blow up. Oh, and on the subject of blowing up, Bangai-O; yet another fine example of how nobody exaggerates action quite like Treasure does.
  2. I don't have the knowledge to technically critique a musical piece and saying: "Wow, this is a great mix! Keep up the good work!" feels a little trite, so I'll say something else. Ben, this mix was stuck in my head all day long today. It's dark, eerie, yet somber atmosphere somehow hit close to home, and it slowly started to make me feel depressed. And even though I was kind of sad, I still couldn't stop thinking about it, nor did I want to stop. You could say, it was kiiling me, but I loved it (cookie to whoever gets the reference ). It stuck with me while driving to class, during midterms, lunch, study session, and it's in my head now. Most likely, I'll hear it in my sleep. And I can't think of a better compliment than that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go download whatever I can find from this "Portishead", of which you speak.
  3. Awww, I liked your song! In fact, I was wondering when I'd get to hear more funny stuff from you and/or Mustin! It's good to see you've still got that sense of humor ... Hehehe... "punch you in the pipi"... <laughs uncontrollably> j/k
  4. You know, what you could do is get the Wave Buster, dodge him until he stops charging and starts shooting, lock on, stand in front of him and blast him with it (just wait until he opens his big mouth, though). When he opens his mouth, you get the chance to shoot him in the face, making him recoil, stand up, and expose his weak spot. If you hit him with the Wave Buster there, his energy will slowly be depleted until he brings his head back down. Usually when he does this (like 99% of the time), he'll open his mouth again, leaving himself open for more punishment. Basically, all you have to do once you've hit his weak spot is keep hitting him with it. As long as you have a really healthy supply of missles (~170), you should be able to take him down with minimal effort. Hope that helps.
  5. mDuo wrote: That's usually because people are so blown away that they have little to no constructive criticism to give. That being said, looove the arrangement! Although it's a little more mellow than I would've expected from AE (especially after hearing StainlessSteel), it's still a really fun tune! Riku wrote: Okay, first off, if you really wanna hear something that close to the original tune, dust off your NES and play some Mega Man 2. The point of a remix is to give the original song new life through new sound. Second, the reason people add variations and tweaks to the original tune in their remixes is a little thing called artistic expression, through which you make the song yours by jamming along with it in your own way. Third, not to be a dick, but if you can't catch the original tune in any of AE's works, you've got a horrible, HORRIBLE ear for music. And finally, if electronica doesn't work for Mega Man, what would... POLKA??? (Don't even think about it, McV... I don't wanna get hooked on a polka song. ) Mega Man's a robot. Electronica's what's been playing in Mega Man games since day one. What you said makes NO SENSE.
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