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  1. I don't know about the general non gaming public. But I do think the music bundles have spread a lot of game music since it's start. Where I live, sweden, I've seen articles referencing the rise of vgm in regular newspapers. So yeah, I'd say it's getting around. Not too mention the Play! Orchestra, that did a lot of good!
  2. Already mentioned: Bastion, Superbrothers and Skyrim I'm surprised no ones mentioned Frozen Synapse. I really love that OST. Anything by Disasterpeace. Dont know how old the game is but the Machinarium OST is just lovely.
  3. This feels oddly fitting. I can imagine something worth a movie ticket coming out of this. Let's face it, they will never make the Star Wars sequel like they "should have". I'd much rather see them take the Star Wars mythos in another direction, kind of like what Bioware did with Knights of the Old Republic. But I doubt that'll happen either. Also if Disney is EA then Lucasfilm is Bioware. So then all of this should work to bring us a really controversial ending everyone will have really strong feelings about! Then they will remake that ending because the internet told them too.
  4. This,this,this! I think I seriously put off playing the game for a month because of that place. God damn... A really scary game that captures the Lovecraftian vibe perfectly. It gets a bit mental towards the end but hey, it's Lovecraft! One of the most underrated games I think. Totally went under the radar!
  5. I felt that they still had that digital distortion feel, which is hella hard to remove. But the end part of the riff where the distortion gets that tubelike feel is where it's really noticeable. Don't get me wrong, I like that part! I just feel that the digitalized distortion really shines through there
  6. I think music sure has changed and the industry has changed plenty. But the assumption that mainstream music today is of less quality than previously is false straight up. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/chart/singles Todays singles chart. It's a real mix of good songs, and bad songs. Cursory glance will reveal that Adele for example is 20 places higher than Nicki Minaj. My point is, there's a lot of crap in the mainstream shelf, but there is also a HUGE increase in niche, underground and obscure music due to lower production costs. You don't need radio, you have webradio. You don't need to find new music. Last.fm, blogs, forums, spotify and itunes does it for you. And so forth.
  7. Dropped you a comment on the soundcloud. But I'll leave some feedback here too. You need to clean it up a lot. I see what your going for, soundwall of noisy goodness. But right now it's very muddy and things leak a lot. Use an EQ too clean it up a lot. Make sure nothing is lost in the mix (I could hardly hear any bass or low end). Cheers!
  8. I dropped some comments on both tracks on your soundcloud feel free to write either here or there if you want more feedback!
  9. It all depends on how you want it implemented. Ask yourself a few questions: Is the song based around the poetry or is the poetry an addition to the song? Do I want to use all of the poem/piece? What does it bring to the song? I'd say tread carefully and remember to cut it up. Don't slap it in there on top of what you've made. Listen to the piece of spoken word you want and see where it fits in your song. Figure out what grabs you in the piece and use those parts as a refrain or a hook. I'd say it's very subjective. But I think first you have to figure out if the spoken word piece is a sample you want to bring in to spice things up, or if you're song has sprung out of that particular spoken word piece. EDIT: Listened to the link under mine. OP, listen to that and notice how Schiller strips away almost everything but the bass track while the vocals run. This puts the poem in center stage. Obviously he wants us to listen to it. So that's a good example of where the music is more based around the poem rather than using the poem as a sample.
  10. What you need for a good music making computer is only unique in one aspect. Instead of a killer graphics card you need a killer sound card. Running your DAW will require big amounts of CPU and RAM. As has been mentioned the recommendation is at least an Intel i5 and 8gb RAM. If you can afford it an Intel i7 and 16gb RAM is a huge step up. The middle ground here is Intel i5 and 16gb RAM. Remember that RAM is a lot cheaper to upgrade later. Plan ahead! Dont buy 4 2gb sticks if you plan on upgrading your RAM. Sound cards have been recommended by people and they're solid. As has been mentioned, don't get a Creative. I run this and I like that. I'm also unsure if this is actually a card or a mixer (Anyone who wants to weigh in is more than welcome to). As far as Mac vs Windows goes. Doesn't matter. Yes you get more bang for the buck with a custom built PC running windows, but if you can't custom build you are shit out of luck anyway. If you have more knowledge than cash, go Windows-PC. If you have more cash than knowledge, go MAC. Both of them do a fine job in any field.
  11. Hello all! Recently discovered the site and its trove of treasure through the Extra Creditz show, if you haven't seen it check it out Long-time gamer and somewhat shorter time as an amateur musician. I've played for several years, mainly guitar, and played around in various DAWs. Just recently have I started taking it seriously. I thought I'd try my hand at some remixing. If it doesn't pan out you'll just see me enjoying all the wonderful stuff on the site Anyhow, hope to be an asset to the community and have some fun! Thanks!
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