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    I love the bass clarinet, alto clarinet, contrabass clarinet, reading, video games, music, and reading. Triplet brothers are the best too.

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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    Bass Clarinet, Contrabass clarinet, alto clarinet

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  1. Hah! Yes! Clarinet is underrepresented but this guy is a clarinet wizard. I can't stop listening and hope I can remotely approach his level of skill with the clarinet playing.
  2. Heck yes you do have to deal with me.

  3. D: I have to deal with you on here now? :/ Oh well.

  4. Wow. It's a wonder to listen to and very peaceful. You weren't kidding about the beyond recognition. This is something I'd put on my mp3 player and listen to all the time. It has a rich texture.
  5. Aren't annoying sisters marvelous?

  6. Yeah, this is gonna be the new anthem for me and my brothers. Adventures came in threes for us too. Hello GravitySuitCollector.
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