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  1. Well, any GOOD hunter knows how to control their pet properly. The problem is that because hunter's are such an incredible soloing class a lot of people simply do not learn the class. The number of hunters I see with their pet put away in instances just makes me cry.
  2. Also note that the CM speaking there is Caydiem, who hasn't been a CM for several months at least. That is pretty old news.
  3. Some other advice: If it's 1v1, learn how to AotC kite melee classes. You can take down warriors, rogues, and paladins without even getting hit if you're good enough. If there is a large battle going on, don't fire on someone who is unengaged. Blast away at that AOEing caster or the warrior who is already slowed by another effect. If you're going to be PvPing a lot, get the Hawk Eye talent. 6 yards may not seem like much, but it makes one hell of a difference. You can also do nasty stuff like send your pet in from 60 yards away. If they then target your pet, move up to 41 yards and blast away. If they come after you, run away and let your pet eat them. Learn to do the 360 jump shot - the damage is slow, but if they never catch you...
  4. Yeah, ever gone up against Luigi with an umbrella? I became so infamous with the umbrella in my circle of friends that when an umbrella spawned, they would drop everything just to chuck the umbrella off the edge. Also, MewTwo with a beam saber is SCARY. My main gripe about 'tournament' play is that it always seems to end up being a 'Final Destination only' arrangement. They say it's more "fair", but of course it really isn't. I can appreciate having a couple of stages banned (Game&Watch and Pokefloats come to mind), but ALL of them? That's just silly.
  5. Well, it IS just the 1.10.2 patch. I'd be kinda surprised if more than one or two things were added to that. "Certain creatures in Eastern Plaguelands weren't providing reputation gain with the Argent Dawn. This has been fixed." This one makes me wonder. What changed in EPL to make them NOT give AD faction in the 1.10 patch? If it had been broken previously, surely it would have been fixed in one of the major patches.
  6. I would also think that the guy was talking about days /played - that is, not a few days real-time but a few days of playing. I believe the record the last time I checked was 6 days /played to get to 60.
  7. What they did to the instances was reduce the number of mobs in them and made them 5-man only. So, all the players that completely REFUSED to run these 5-man instances without 10 people are now refusing to take anyone under level 60 on their instance runs.
  8. 1.10 has made all the players on my server scared shitless of the new 5-man instances. I'm a level 57-priest - and I can't get anyone to take me to the end-game instances. Never mind that I can SHOW them all the various pieces of the Tier 0 sets that I'm wearing from the few instance runs that I have done post-patch. Never mind that I first sucessfully ran UD Strat at level 53. If you're not 60, you're not going to those instances, unless you get a group together that is actually smart. Players in WoW are such cowards, I swear. I wouldn't care about being told "You can't go to Scholo" if I hadn't run Scholo last night without wiping once.
  9. No. It depends - last week, I spent 0 hours per day all week. This week, I've spent about 15-20 so far. However, this is not to say that I'm doing the usual "play MMO all day". I play video games all day ANYWAY, so WoW is just a different game to be playing. So far, I've canceled my account twice. Once I came back due to the Hunter patch, and I came back the second time in order to roll a new priest with which to play with a buddy of mine. WoW is fun, and can be addicting. But overly addicting? Nah. A guild raid doesn't work better than a PuG. However, 15-20 wipes down the road, they know how to do the boss and can work together to beat him every time. It's all about practice, and a PuG can never get that by it's very nature.
  10. I'm not sure about the Priest changes. Okay, a lot of them are really good. But the new talent trees seem sloppily put together - for example, only 4 points on the third level of one of the trees, forcing you to drop back a level in order to advance. Further, some of the new talents are extremely bugged, like the healing from a critical that can be instantly overwritten (getting your 15% health regen from an 1800 Aimed shot crit overwritten by a 15% health regen from the pet's 150 damage melee crit). And lightwell is loltastic. If it didn't break on damage, or have such an insane cooldown, it would be useful. As it is, I'm STILL not getting any 31-point talents on my holy priest.
  11. The new test realms are out today! Most notable change of course being the priest love. However, there is another patch note that had me dancing with delight: I love it.
  12. Well, I knew about the Priest talent revision and review. But Gecko implied there was more info available. There hasn't been a big Blizzard post about it, but a lot can be learned by piecing together the various things that have been said since 1.9. We know that weather effects are still slated for 1.10, as are the Priest reviews (including skill review, not just talents). In addition, from what I recall the Tier .5 armor set is slated for either 1.10 or 1.11.
  13. Hillsbrad? Pssh. You either like dying, or are being very foolish. Barrens has quests right up through level 22-24ish. Stonetalon Mountains will take you through about 25, Ashenvale through 30. Thousand Needles is 25-35ish. It is possible to continually quest, on both factions, without ever setting foot in Hillsbrad. Unless there's a particular quest reward that you just have to have, I highly recommend leveling in a different zone.
  14. I almost died frothing in anger over an incident that happened to me in Un'goro. I was level 54 on my hunter, and was trying to grind my way up to where I could do the endgame instances. While I was out there, a paladin requested help with one of the bug quests. Now, I had already completed this quest, but I thought I'd be friendly and help the guy out. 5 mobs into the dungeon, Deepfury Bracers drop. These are leather, but their stats are comparable to Beaststalkers. I immediately and excitedly roll on it, pointing out my level 42 green wristguards to the paladin as I do so. He need-rolls, and wins, and bases his roll on "Hunters don't wear leather, and I can sell this".
  15. As far as I know, there is no workaround other than perhaps some illegal hacks that would allow it. Blizz doesn't want multiple characters from one account on at once, which is why you can't do this. You'll either have to get a hack (and risk getting banned), or bite the bullet and buy an extra account.
  16. The paladin run speed buff doesn't really bother me that much, given that they are pretty much the only class with NO ranged attack power. Even with plate, hunters could smash them into the ground by kiting the crap out of them...it would just take a really long time.
  17. Oh wow - when I saw the concept art for the hunter set, I thought it would make us look like fairies. That's...pretty awesome in-game though.
  18. *does the linked AHs dance* Now I can actually go cruising around Winterspring without having to worry about the pain in the ass that is going back to Ironforge to buy stuff off the AH. I can just hop a ride to Darnassus and do business there. Linked AHs are going to be the frickin' BOMB. That alone makes this next patch worth waiting for.
  19. UBRS is a vastly over-feared instance. Most people refuse to run it without 15 people, and yet it was designed as a 10-man instance. The only real problem is General Drakk, who can be tricky unless your group knows what it's doing. The last time I was there, our group almost wiped on that final bridge. Someone aggroed, and we actually ended up fighting ON the bridge. Sure enough, a few seconds later one of our paladins went flying off the bridge. Shortly thereafter, another pally went rocketing off into the depths. By this time my hunter was on auto-shot as I rolled on the floor laughing my ass off.
  20. This is what Mal'Ganis has been like since WoW came out, only in favor of the Horde. I feel your pain, and have felt it for 10 months.
  21. No, they're still the best then. Trying to let a Warrior pull in MC, ZG, or BWL is suicide. That's...exactly what I meant. In MC, ZG, or BWL it's plain out suicide for a non-hunter to pull. It's even safer to let the hunter pull in all other instances. However, it doesn't matter in most 5-man instance groups, and thus the warrior ends up doing it so that you can just roll from pull to pull the fastest.
  22. Hunters currently have 4 classes after them for being overpowered. Mages/Warlocks/Priests hate us for being able to one-shot them, and because Bestial Wrath prevents them from exploiting our deadzone anymore. Rogues have always hated Hunters, and probably always will. Hunters ARE the best pullers, but except for in raid instances, it's generally faster to let the warrior do it. I had to scream tonight - UBRS group that made it all the way to the bridge right before Drakk with no problems, and both our pallies get punted off the bridge. We then go back down to bring them up, causing one of our warriors to leave in disgust. Then, our other warrior AFKs out. We make it to Drakk, and try to do Drakk with no warriors. 5 seconds into battle, someone hits the dragonguard that I had freeze-trapped, and I instantly die as my feign-death is resisted. Things go downhill from there pretty quickly, and the group wipes and disbands. Bleh.
  23. The problem I see with that is that one of the most logical Furbolg classes is Shaman - which is a Horde-only class.
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