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  1. I was kinda a fan of the game for a little while. Kinda cheesy, better side-scrolling fighters out there. However, the music for the game was really catchy, and this remix fits the bill perfectly. Onto the playlist you go...
  2. Can't.....stop....dancing! I feel like I'm gonna melt onto the floor when I listen to this. Wow.....I can't even type straight.....I can't believe I've missed this song up until now! IIRC, something in the intro made me stop listening to it when it first got posted. I finally learned of how cool it was when I heard my roommate playing it instead of the background Zerg music for Starcraft. Mmmm....I've been up all night listening to remixes, but I've got to go to sleep after this one, it's made me too mellow! <starts to dance to the music again>
  3. Quite quite nice....high quality stuff from THE man for DK remixes. I didn't like this one as much as Protricity's other remixes though. However, after some thought about this, I've concluded that its entirely due to the fact that this particular song was never my favorite from this game, plus the fact that industrial isn't my scene. The fact that the remix still sounded pretty cool to me is really great, as it's the first industrial mix I've actually been able to listen to all the way through. Keep them Donkey Kong Remixes coming, your fans are always ready for more Protricity
  4. Pretty nice remix Overall enjoyable. One thing though....I think the name should be changed to "Kefka hits the Riviera!" Nice change of pace!
  5. I don't really find the bass to overpowered at all....seems to add a nice background beat. This remix is really fabulous, and its of my favorite SoM song This one's going into my playlist. Now all we need is a Mana Beast remix, and my SoM collection will be complete
  6. This is either a love it or hate it song My roommate at college can't stand it whenever I play it, but I still get a hoot out of it. I actually went around singing this song for a while, and got my brother-in-law hooked without him even HEARING the song....now thats addictive Love it or hate it, I think it deserves to be on here just for sheer amusement factor. If you don't like it...well there's plenty of other fine mixes. My current 5 hour long playlist is made almost entirely from remixes off this site, and I'm still searching through the archives and finding new stuff. Long live the groin!
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