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  1. Honestly, I can't see the Pandarens ending up as a major race in the game. There's simply no motivation for them to be fighting ANYBODY. They live to party, they are the eternal fratboys. Furthermore, they are overall a very peaceful people from what I've gathered. The Draenei, however, are almost equally unlikely to my mind. The main problem with the Draenei is pretty simple - their homeland would HAVE to be Outland. And Outland is a pure PvP, level 60+ area. Even if the Draenei were put right next to the Dark Portal, that still dumps them into the Blasted Lands. They'd have to do some funky stuff to put them close enough to the Alliances areas. Notice where the Blood Elf starting lands are - right smack next to the Undercity. To further confuse things, what would the Draenei capitol be like? This is supposed to be the shattered remnants of a people that were nearly wiped out by the Orcs, after all. Given that the Blood Elves are getting a capitol (at least I think I remember reading that - can anyone confirm?), it seems only natural that there would have to be some impressive Draenei city, which just plain out doesn't seem to fit.
  2. Yeah, I discovered that having a dwarf take the big orange buff from the candy and then use a world enlarger makes them ~gnome sized, which was rather amusing. The best combo I've gotten so far though was the candy that makes you floating and ghostlike and the world enlarger. You basically become a little floating pixie, and can run around making "OoOOooOHhH!" noises at everybody Also, the stink bombs from Southshore are fricking HARD to remove. Improved Mend Pet can scrape just about everything off, but failed in the case of this stuff.
  3. My computer hates me. ONE DAY after the long awaited hunter patch, and my video card melts. Ter-bleeding-RIFFIC.
  4. Are hunters getting a free re-spec? If so, I really need to find the time and money to re-subscribe, because I really want to try out my new ideas for a hunter in the live game. Yes. Yes they are. Got mixed feelings about it - on the other hand, I can FINALLY not be marskman specced. On the other hand, they gave us a fistful of nerfs to go along with the generous helping of buffs we recieved. So long, mortal shots. We hardly knew ye.
  5. See, the problem I have is that there are all these new players, and players that have MAINS around level 30 (or lower). To me, levelling a character to 30 is nothing. I made the mistake of not playing with all my friends on Shattered Hand because I had a character up to 25 and I thought that was SO HIGH.. and now I regret it. So just keep that in mind. Yeah, I found out that a bunch of my friends were playing on a different server after I had already bought my mount with my main. That pretty much settled the question of whether or not I was going to change servers or not.
  6. It's just a standard RPG term, originally used for D&D. In WoW there is no actual "rolling" since your stats are pre-set, but the term remains.
  7. Go to one of the many WoW info sites and look up pet skills. To get new pet skills you have to tame a beast with the skill you want. Once you've got a pet with the skill, have your pet use the skill that you want - after a few uses, you should learn the skill. Then, abandon the pet and take your old pet out of the stable and train it up.
  8. I'm astounded by how few of those I've even seen on the the site, nevermind recognize. At least 15-20 of those I don't think I've ever spotted.
  9. Nice. I absolutely love the music in 7th Guest, it's one of the games on my most under-remixed list. And Mazedude with his usual panache has gone and made me very happy here This one is going on the eternal loop for a while...very addictive stuff. Keeps the original feeling of the music while adding in a nice flair to it that is quint-essentially Mazedude's style.
  10. Very good, in the style I've come to look forward to from DJP. This one's going in my playlist!
  11. Final mission of Wing Commander:Prophecy was simply insane. The mission is a MINIMUM of 30 minutes long, and takes longer if you don't do it exactly right. The vast majority is spent running away like a little girl from the infinite number of enemy ships that get sent at you. I actually started cursing when I was forced to fire my final missile... Yeesh. I still have nightmares about that.
  12. I'm also finding that due to how often I've played this game, I know the originals VERY well and can easily follow the original melody in the remixes. As for the music, all I can say is: Wow. There's not much more to say than that...absolutely the best Donkey Kong remixes I've ever heard. I'm not even halfway through yet, and I'm already in heaven. ROFL! Just got to Funky Monkey Love Brilliant! A great big thank you to everybody who worked on this. You guys have seriously made my day here.
  13. This song should have a warning on it..."Do not listen to this song after eating lunch." I could just go to sleep and dream of the TriForce while listening to this wonderful piece...or should I say...Peace. Relaxing beyond belief, extremely high quality. Another winner from McVaffe!
  14. Hooooooly Crap!!!! Best Prot mix in a good while! I'm going to go lie down now....
  15. Wow...I somehow missed this one when it first came out...I came looking for a Corneria remix, as I had a sudden craving for that song. I was not dissapointed Very, very nice, and the coverage on the Star Fox ending theme was also excellent. Major props once again to The Wingless for another epic masterpiece!
  16. I've had the piece in my playlist for a long time now...I musta snagged it way back when from the WIP Forum. Absolutely the best Gerudo remix I've heard. I'm glad to finally know who the author is
  17. Ai yai yai! That would be just crazy... The coolest thing about the final mission for me was that because of my low skill level (at the time) I was unable to defeat the entire base. *Spoilers* Instead, I just made a large carrier fleet and bum-rushed the Overmind with them, with Tassadar at the head of the fleet in Gantrithor. The overmind went down right as the last of my carriers were biting the dust, and the Gantrithor was brutally damaged. It then went straight from that into the ending sequence with Tassadar slamming the heavily damaged Gantrithor into the Overmind to finish it off Absolutely the most perfect way to end the game EVER, fit the cinematic in a way that I probably couldn't replicate if I tried. This is still one of my favorite VG moments of all time...
  18. The last boss in Starcraft? Wha!? The final LEVEL in Starcraft is hard. The overmind itself has no attacks whatsoever. Carve up all his minions, and the thing is a sitting duck.
  19. Already mentioned but hey he's such a bitch he deserves multiple complaints. Another one coming out of Kingdom Hearts, Riku. When you fight him for the second time in Hallow Bastion. I ALWAYS have problems with him. Sephiroth in KH is only insanely hard up until a certain level. I spent many hours leveling up and gathering all the synthesizing ingredients, so that by the time I was done I was about level 85, and had the ultimate weapon. After that, Sephiroth is a cinch. I actually leveled my character the remaining levels exclusively by beating the crap out of Sephiroth I just started playing the game again after about something like a 6 month hiatus, and played the Sephiroth battle with my level 100 character just for laughs. He kicked my ass pretty bad (embarassingly bad for how good I had been just a few months before), but still won due to how insanely powerful Sora was by that point. Still, I think Sephiroth has to be the most insanely quick boss I have ever seen...
  20. The alien mothership in Metal Slug 2 on the hardest difficulty. It launches 4 little parasite ships that hover around right above your head firing lasers constantly at you. In addition to that, it has a main cannon that cuts the screen in half periodically with a huge energy blast. I have never managed to beat this thing on hard without using exorbitant amounts of quarters...or in fact beat it at all in the console version. Mad, mad hard.
  21. I don't get why length is an issue here. I find that if a song goes on for too long, you stop listening to it after a while. This is particularly true of Spekkosaurus's wonderful "Trial in Concert". It's a beautiful piece of music, yes, but the sheer length of the piece means that it often gets pushed aside for other songs. I love everything about this song - good length, very beautiful. It's good stuff to relax to, and is a little bit better overall then "Town Life in Piano", due to it holding the interest more. I've actually had this song on my computer for a while, I'm not sure where I got the old one that I had Still, always great to see high quality stuff getting posted
  22. I've never played it, but I'm working on Windows 98 right now. I'm only a level 6 MSPaint newb, and I don't have enough motivation points to update my Norton BFAV-6789 Virus Killer, which I need if I ever want to clear the KaZaA Fortress. I managed to kill Windows 98 by getting no less than 1800 infected files. By that time, the code for Windows has been pretty much rewritten Unfortunately, when I did so, it morphed into Windows XP, and is busy burning itself into my motherboard. And to that I have no reply...
  23. And DJP once again shows us why this is his site, damnit! An excellent song, I can hear the Trigun influence, although I've never heard Tull. However, the thing that strikes me most about this remix is the flow. It just drags you in and gives you that overall mellow feeling. This is one of the tracks that I could just loop over and over. <does so> Mmm....<Homer Simpson drool>
  24. Wow, I just realized, I never came an gave homage to this song...and I've had for like 6 months!!! At any rate, this is absolutely my favorite song, it's perfect for keeping me sane while I'm at work. Absolutely the best Remix out there, and shows why DJP is the master of this site
  25. I've never really liked trance, but DAMN this is good! You know, I think this is the first time I've ever rocked out to a violin The banjo is also really good for keeping the feel of the original. The only thing I didn't like about this song was the ending...it just kinda dwindles out. From about 5:00 on is pretty much fluff. It could have either been shortened by about 20 seconds, or had one last burst of music to keep the remaining time a little bit more lively.
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