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  1. Wow this is awesome! The memories... Good old days spent playing RPGs without a care in the world. The real world that is. Suikoden was always one of my favorites. Those days are long gone but live on through great vgm. Great mix! Props Trenthian!
  2. This sounds really bad ass! I can't wait until you update it.
  3. they all sound pretty good, i like DJ Novas and s|r nuts the most.
  4. I guess I'll try something. I'm not sure what though, maybe nesper and I can collab on lava reef or something. I might find something I like more though, but yeah, count me in on this.
  5. 'Dirty South' sounding I guess, it's gonna have loud bass.
  6. I really liked it, short and to the point. That scratchy guitar solo and drum beat had my 'rockin' to tha beat'. Really nice, I hope to hear more stuff like this from you. -sx
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