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  1. I agree with you Liontamer, It is definently the weakest link in my collection. As my favorite game, composer, and song from the title, I created Liquid Corridor [ReBirth] Edition! You can find it here as with most of my latest works: http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=3996 I don't know if I would submit it as I have nothing to gain from doing so.
  2. I think it is original because it adds a harp to a modern dance beat but that’s just me. I am pleased with the way this has turned out, simple, clean and easy on the ears. Yes Rayza, I did for the first time, incorporate some default samples into this piece but those sounds were what I planned on using anyhow. Anyways, I am glad most of you have enjoyed it and took the time to constructively criticize and complement it. For those that thought this was too simple and boring, keep your eyes open for my next remix from Mega Man 7 which will hit OC in about 2 months. I put a lot of work into the Mega Man 7 one and it will be my last one for a while because I have little time to do this anymore. Thanks again.
  3. Try these in an emulator: Cannon Drill: D, D/F, F + Kick Thrust Kick: F, D, D/F + Kick Spinning Knuckle: B, D/B, F + Punch Also, the Cannon Spike and Spriral Arrow voice's are in the CPS-2 Q-Sound ROM's but were never used in the final version of the game. Here are the 2 voices that every one keeps mistaking to be other words. http://rzx.emugenerations.com/Cammy.MP3 Hopefully this clears things up.
  4. What you thought to be "Final O" is "Spiral Arrow" and "Cannon Punch" was either "Cannon Spike" or "Cannon Drill". I am pretty sure they were in the Super Nintendo and Sega Genisis port's of Super Street Fighter 2. The vocals I used were ripped from the Arcade (CPS-2) version. I am glad you all enjoyed it and there will be more! Thanks for the comments!
  5. First of all, I think PxFury's constant request for opinions, suggestions and ideas were healthy for this ReMix. I gave the beta version of this jam a listen when he sent it to me a few weeks ago and noticed allot of improvement to the final release which OC Remix was recently blessed with. That goes to show the power of the question, and how it helped all of us to achieve our current skill level in the aural arts. Kudos to RxFury, I hope to see more work from him down the line!
  6. I personally think Avien did a marvelous job on this piece. All the sounds are serene with an ambient touch that makes you feel like your walking down a dim city street, perfect for relaxing but the only discrepancy that I have is the songs shortness. Great Job
  7. I personally loved the ripened-like strings in the beginning and really enjoyed the rest of this detailed and fantastic piece. Great job Carbuk1e!
  8. Im glad you guys enjoyed it. This was not my first submission, my first submission was Guardian Legend - Liquid Corridor, and then Street Fighter EX - Pullum Summer Trance Mix 2002 whitch was actualy my latest remix, this remix was made after Liquid Corridor so it is a little less exiting compared to Pullum Summer Trance Mix 2002. And yes, the track that I remixed was Round 7, the elevator stage before the final stage from Streets of Rage, I tried to give the listener a fell of moving up in that elevator.
  9. I must honestly say this is by far my favorite Zelda - A Link to the Past OC ReMix from the rest. Great Job Ben!
  10. Very professional, one of the sites best.
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