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  1. Hey I really like the sound of this mix. Really suits the melody of the song. I think what you have going sound-wise is really good and most of the feedback that I can think of is more about the structure and presentation of it. 1. I think it's a tad repetitive. Unfortunately it's the nature of this song because there isn't a whole lot of source material to work with. So what the original lacks in diversity needs to be made up with instrumentation, rhythm or style. For Instance, the main melody part appears at 0:20 and 1:10 but they sound the same but with only 1 synth removed. what would really benefit this remix is some variety in the repeated parts. Try having new lead instruments entirely or changing up the bass rhythm. 2. This kind of goes with point number 1. The mix is really punchy and I think what might be a nice addition is some suspended chords, ARP's, notes or SFX over the time. Maybe something in the high end to smooth it out a bit? That will give it some more context and the punchy parts will sound even heavier in comparison to the overtones that you put it in. 3. 1:42 i'm a big fan of. The melody is busy here so you don't need to add much. Maybe double up the lead synth? I like the change in the bass here. 4. You could try making 0:20 - 0:38 a bit more of a gradual rise and make 0:38 a bigger section. Gives it a but more dynamics rather than being full force most of the time. Just a suggestion. Overall it sounds great man I really hope you keep working on it. Can't wait to hear more from this!
  2. Hey guys, I haven't posted anything in a while but I wanted to get some feedback on this remix of mine. I was inspired after hearing the original song and wanted to create a synth version of it. I think it turned out pretty well but I feel like it might be missing the 'epic feel' of the original. Obviously the production quality for League of Legends in much higher but either way I wanted all of your opinions on how I could improve the piece. Thank you so much for listening! The Original song is here:
  3. Great work Chimpazilla and Redg on Molgera's Theme. I had a listen on the forums and it sounds awesome! Very experiemental.
  4. Thanks pu_freak . It wouldn't have happened had it not been for all the judges help and Timaeus's mastering.
  5. There appears to be no further feedback for this track. I don't know if its because there isn't much wrong or if there is too much wrong but I think I'll put it up for Mod review soon. Please let me know if something stands out that shouldn't.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. This is my latest version of the remix https://soundcloud.com/kammo64/gaias-tomb-golden-sun-2-gaia-1 I am working to get this YES from OCR so any feedback would be great
  7. Take your time . You will be my hero. Thanks a lot man!
  8. I would love to get this Remix posted! Sorry for the late reply I have been on holidays for a week. Is there any other kind of feedback that I could get? I am going to start working on this remix again this week and would love some insight . P.S. Thanks for the source tune timaeus
  9. Pretty good mix I have to say. It had my foot tapping. There were a couple of things I feel could be changed for the better. 1. that main synth that is doing the marimba part. I feel there is maybe a little too much delay on it because some of the middle notes of the melody are being drowned out to the point where the notes seem almost incorrect, but that is just my personal preference. 2. With the second part of the original song, it has the slower part which contrasts well with the rest of the song. I feel if you expanded on this section rather than skimming over it, you will get more variety in the song and make it less repetitive. Hope you found my feedback useful P.S. Feel free to check out my latest remix I posted up http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=44928
  10. This is my latest remix of Golden Sun 2's Gaia Rock theme. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. OLD----->https://soundcloud.com/kammo64/gaias-tomb-golden-sun-2-remix <---------OLD Thanks in advance Here is the latest version of the remix. It took a while because of exams. https://soundcloud.com/kammo64/gaias-tomb-golden-sun-2-gaia-1 Here is the source I am looking for mixing feedback in particular. My ears have become accustom to the song and I think I need some new ears on it.
  11. Hey man. For me personally it was too repetitive. I did like the creepy vibe and you had a cool sounding sub / wobbling bass. But I gotta say, every time there was a big build up. I expected a little more variation in the theme. I hope I wasn't too harsh or anything. That is just my opinion
  12. Hi guys. I have been working on this for about a week or so. It is not nearly done, I am still considering adding another section to it and I also need to make an ending for it too. Tell me what you think. Any feedback is greatly appreciated https://soundcloud.com/kammo64/dry-trail-remix-wip
  13. Hi guys I have been working on this remix for some time and I would love any kind of feedback. This is the first WIP I made if you can be bothered with it. http://soundcloud.com/kammo64/golden-sun-venus-light-house This is the latest remix which I feel is much improved. http://soundcloud.com/kammo64/golden-sun-venus-light-house-1 Let me know what you think
  14. I recently posted the latest version of my remix of the Bowser Medley if you wanna check it out :)

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