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  1. Not really been around OCR for quite a while now, but FFVI is just about my favourite game of all time, so I just have to get a physical copy of the album to go with my OST! Looking forward to it, guys! Kickstarter use Amazon to process payments, so you don't have to worry about Kickstarter getting hacked, at least.
  2. This was always one of my favourite pieces of music from SoM. I can remember repeatedly listening to a MIDI of it maybe six or seven years ago. In fact, I'd been thinking about remixing it myself, though given my lack of musical talent, knowledge and experience, it's probably a good job for all concerned that GrayLightning got there first. I really like this mix. Whilst it doesn't really vary in tempo or "energy", there is plenty of variation here to keep a laid back listener interested. It has a bit of a different feel to the original, I think. Whereas that was very ominous and threatening, this...well, it's still a little ominous, but it's not as immediate. It puts me in mind of a clear day, not a cloud in the sky, but the sky seems a little too dark blue, there's a slightly chill wind, and you can tell that there's something wrong, somewhere...Ok, I'm getting a little too dramatic here. This is a very well executed piece, and it's very different to most mixes on this site, which is a very good thing. True, it doesn't reach out, grab you by the balls and shake, but surely there's room for a few quieter, subtler tracks here and there?
  3. You seem to be judging this on a technical level, whereas the lovers of this mix (myself included) judge it more on an emotional level. AmIEviL has taken an already somewhat moody piece, and made it even more poignant. The changes he made may not be the sort of things that dazzle you with their complexity, but they are valid artistic choices, in order to achieve a certain mood, and in my view are very succesful. You are probably right that the feelings of sadness are already present in the original theme, but arranging in order to bring out and enhance those feelings is just as valid an approach to remixing as introducing something that wasn't there. If complexity is what you value most in a remix, then you won't find it here. You're perfectly welcome to not like it, if it's not to your taste, but to doubt it's artistic merit strikes me as being a little, well, arrogant.
  4. No, she isn't. Anyway, I like this mix a lot; it does some very interesting things, and does them well. I'm pretty sure it will be ending up in my playlist.
  5. "Needs more cowbell." Edit to actually add content: Yes, this is a very good track, good enough to make it into my "favourites" playlist.
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