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  1. MATTHIAS ON AC2!!!!! CHEAPNESS!!! RAPE!!! HE'S A BASTARD I TELL YOU!!! >_< I swear it is damned impossible to beat Matthis in a one on one battle. I've gotten him into the red every time this way and then he just kills me with ONE SHOT!!! I couldn't even beat him with his OWN DAMNED CORE!!! (Personal specialty; I'll own you with your own machine ) In the end I ended up going cheapo on him. I took a mobile mid-weight humanoid with a Karasawa, Moonlight and Orbital Cannons to Etal Base and just Overboosted from pillar to pillar for 20 MINUTES until he ran out of ammo. Then it was a cake walk. This is the ONLY surefire way to beat him... but a true AC fighter detests cheapness. (At least I do) In short, Matthias = Pain
  2. All right, this is the last one o_o;;; Beat the library mission on HALO on legendary mode, ALONE. (Without dying)
  3. Ouchu... has anyone ever fought Ultimate Nine-Ball on ACMA WITHOUT the nuke missles or blade wave ability? I've beaten him once wth the heaviest humanoid legs and the Karasawa with two ammo packs and a moonlight. (BTW, legal core)
  4. One of my friends recently brought this to my attention. The 25 song ONI course on DDR Max USA. O_O twenty... five... that's just certain d34th. Even with a CONTROLLER!!! >_<
  5. You know... this may sound like a wierd thing to say... but this is the perfect music for someone to do drugs to. ::shrug:: It just has a very lonely, self-destrucitve tone to it all that illicits a cold-hearted smile in those who can appreciate it. the only thing I can find wrong with this tune is the drums. A higher sample quality or live feed would have been very good. 9/10
  6. If total nothingness invoked an auditory response, this is the closest thing to it that I can think of. The true domain of this music as well as all of CotMM's tunes, is the realm of entropy and perfection. I've found solace and beauty in all of his recent works... but this takes the cake. Keep with it CotMM... keep with it. 10/10
  7. Or maybe the final bosses on Strikers 1945 1 and 2. Ginat space crabs of doom shooting solid walls of plasma at your piddly little P-38 Lightning. I have never seen anyone face these bosses and not use an extra credit.
  8. Final boss for Star Ocean 2 on universal mode. PAIN!! PAIN I TELL YOU!!!
  9. Final Deus was awesome. I've only beaten him once. I had three GNR50 attack enhancement parts EACH equipped on Fei, Citan, and Emerelda... I was r0x0rd brutally. (Even though I won) EVEN HARDER!!! Tyrant/Astral Dragon combo boss from Breath of Fire IV. AT LEVEL 50!!!!! If anyone can beat this boss at THAT LEVEL in less than five hours... you are God. Tyrant had the whole shebang: HP to one, negation of special attacks and magic, basic attack dealt Instant Death, not to mention ONE MILLION FRIGGIN HIT POINTS!!!!!!!