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  1. What's this?! [a handsome family forum woefully underpopulated by beeeeees?]

    A simple search for my name reveals this awesome thread that Larry posted consisting of a list that he clearly put a lot of time into compiling and no one replies?!

    Seriously though, this is a great list to pull from for all da DJs out there, like myself.


    EDIT: Also, in regards to finding the tempo of these tracks, besides what Larry mentioned, there are plenty of tempo tapper apps available out there (I even have a chrome extension that does it), so if you can tap your finger to the beat, you'll get a pretty close estimate. From there, typically you'll just round it off to the nearest whole digit, because not too many people that I can think of bother with using tempos like 138.459 or something silly.

  2. Toxic (Beatdrop): I thought this would be a fairly straightforward electro mix, up untill the dubstep elements came into effect. The mix really takes off after the small pauze at 1:07 and I really dig it, especially when the higher chippy synths are added at 1:29. Don't really like the sound of the lead synth around 1:50 (which remain for a large portion of the mix), they should've been a little more distorted imo. And really? A fade-out? That's too bad... All in all, I really enjoy this mix although I think it could've been a little better.

    I agree with you, actually. I think it could have been better. I wasn't 100% satisfied with it in the end, but I was on a VERY short deadline and, frankly, ran out of ideas for this track. The mastering especially dissatisfied me, but zircon did a great job cleaning it up a bit. The original arrangement is fairly tricky to adapt to my style, so I did what I could. Thanks for the comments :)

  3. I just found out that my next semester of school doesn't start until the day after MAG ends. SO EXCITED! Totally going to plan on being there again this year. Looking forward to seeing/hanging out with all of you again. Hopefully I'll get to spend a little more time with a larger variety of people instead of devoting all-too-many hours to watching Matt Pollard getting completely and utterly pass-out-on-the-floor hammered. :)

  4. At the time I was hugely influenced by CotMM, Starla, Daknit, and Beatdrop, since they were the ones I was talking to the most at the time, and if it wasn't for their help I wouldn't have gotten to this point.

    :D Cool story, bro. I'm touched.

    Forever and forever ago, I played lots of Rogue Spear on the MSN Gaming Zone (that is what it was called, right?). I had a friend who was huge into dance music, and specifically Judge Jules. In fact, the guy even called himself Judge Jules. Anyway, he sent me a drum loop, and I was like "Hey this is awesome," and he was like "Hey I made it," and I was like "Oh shit! How?!" He linked me to Hammerhead, and I started cranking out drum loops in my free time. Before long, I realized I wanted to do more than just drum loops, so I started looking online for other software. Found FruityLoops, downloaded the demo, and for the next 5 or 6 months, I cranked out craptons of MP3s with just the demo. Blah blah blah, bunch of stuff happened, and here I am.

  5. Good god alive, and here I thought this thread had fallen off the face of the OCR boards by now. Nice to see that it hasn't!

    For anyone who did not obtain this album while it was freely available, it is now for sale on FiXTStore.com for a very reasonable price. It also includes a couple extras; namely the seemingly-highly-sought-after remix of "Blood Inside" that I made for a friend of mine to use while DJing.

    And while you're there, be sure to check out my new(est) EP, 303EP, which includes a couple tracks from my forthcoming album, Superluminal, along with remixes.

  6. '303EP' should be added to Bandcamp later today for those of you who were waiting for lossless versions. I'll also be making it a bit cheaper, I think, since Bandcamp doesn't take quite as much of a cut as FiXT does (15% vise 40%). Individual tracks will still be a buck a piece, but purchasing the entire EP will be cheaper.

  7. hm, the first download screwed up

    we'll see if the second one behaves better

    edit: nope, not this time either; third time's a charm?

    edit2: got it, yay

    Yeah, sometimes there are... issues. Fortunately, FiXT has really good customer service so if anything goes wrong, they'll remedy the situation very quickly.

    And thank you to those of you who've bought the EP already. I sincerely hope you're enjoying it. Besides the two new tracks, I put a considerable amount of time into my remix of "Redshift," and aimed to provide a decent amount of variety on this EP so that it's not the same thing over and over again. Hopefully I accomplished that.

  8. Hey everyone,


    Just thought I'd share that you can now purchase my brand new EP, 303EP from FiXTStore.com. This EP consists of two new tracks from the forthcoming album 'Superluminal,' as well as remixes from A_Rival (or AE as he's known here on OCR), Benjamin Briggs, and yours truly. This will also be available sooner or later on Bandcamp, but for now, here's the only place you can get it:

    Purchase 303EP at FiXT

    As always, feedback is welcome. I hope you enjoy this taste of things to come.

  9. Mixed Live Volume 2 is now available!


    This one's a bit cleaner than the first thanks to some better track choices. ("Cowbois" by Shadowdancer in the first mix really caused some problems.)

    This time, the mix is electro --> progressive --> electro. Hope you all enjoy. Next mix will likely be more experimental, so look forward to that.

    EDIT: Oh, yeah, and this includes your first look at A_Rival's remix of my new track "Tachyon."

  10. Wolfgang, deadmau5, Felguk, Rogue Element and Deepsky?

    Well this is pretty much a mix tailored to my ears' needs. Love it!

    Some of my favorites. I don't normally use a whole lot of deadmau5, but "A City In Florida" is a really gritty track that fits right in with a lot of the other electro I spin. And Rogue Element is the shit. Still waiting for Felguk's "Blow Out" to come out. As for Deepsky, they were way ahead of their time and put so much intricacy into their tracks.

  11. Does this mark the end of The Drop?

    Absolutely not! The Drop will live on, although I haven't done an episode in FOREVER. I do, however, fully intend to work on that very soon. The Drop is more about showcasing music of all varieties that I've been listening to or discovering, whereas DJ mixes are a bit more restricting because I can only mix what I can beatmatch or blend smoothly. Not having to worry about fluidity of transitions makes the podcast ripe for a lot more variety.

    PS: Revolution + Beat Hazard is sick.

    Indeedily. It's just too bad I've been dethroned from the high score position on all my own tracks. How embarrassing :D

  12. I've been trying to follow the nuclear emergency thing on the news but I can't really get a reading of how serious it actually is based on the information from the media. Half the time they make it sound like another Chernobyl scale incident and they other half it's they are all, "Don't worry it's all under control."

    Indeed. I was watching NHK when I heard about the evacuation thing. Hard to get a read on the people they interview, as well, but it sounds like it's fairly serious. NHK was also reporting that Japan finally asked the US for help in cooling the reactor. There's a lot of sensationalizing of the news out there, so it's tough to find a news source you can trust. Pretty annoying.

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