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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The wait is over. The Revolution Has Begun.


    01 The Collapse

    02 Revolution

    03 Burn Out

    04 Flash

    05 Get Down

    06 Minutes to Seconds

    07 Heatseeker

    08 Blood Inside

    09 Air

    10 This Isn't Happening

    11 The Return of Supernovatomic

    12 Revolt

    13 Praxis (featuring Ransom Rath)

    14 Though Everything May Fade Away

    15 Seek High + Low

    I present to you all my fifth full length studio album, Revolution. It's been a work in the making for roughly a year and nine months now, so I can safely promise that it is the utmost pinnacle of my ability at this point. Everything that was set into motion with In The Dark has been refined and expanded upon here.

    As promised, this entire album is available for all to download absolutely free. Every track was meticulously mastered and rendered as MP3 @ 320kbps to ensure the highest quality audio fidelity.

    Album artwork and liner notes is provided in the form of a digital booklet in PDF document format designed entirely by Lexx (http://www.sugar-stars.com), the same person who did the cover artwork for In The Dark. Full lyrics are included for every song. The booklet featured in the above ZIP file is specifically engineered for viewing on a computer, while a seperate version of the booklet, sized perfectly for printing--should anyone desire to print a copy of it and assemble a physical version of the album--is available HERE. Also included in the ZIP file is the above image of the album cover for use on MP3 players and the like.

    EDIT: Just noticed that, at present, there are a few typos in the booklet that were overlooked by mistake (including a missing portion of the lyrics to "The Collapse"). A corrected version of the PDF booklet will be concocted and made available seperately from the .zip file for those that already downloaded the album, and the one currently in the .zip file will be replaced with the corrected version. Sorry!

    EDIT 2: The updated digital booklets are now available. The print version can be snagged at the above link, and the computer version is available here: http://beatdrop.paletteswap.com/Revolution/revolution.pdf

    As always, I encourage you to donate whatever you think the album is worth. Donations can be made to me via PayPal. Just send your donation to beatdrop@gmail.com. I also strongly encourage feedback and reviews of the album. All donations and feedback/reviews are immensely appreciated.

    And this is by no means the end. As I said, the Revolution has only just begun...

    UPDATE: The free-ness of this album has run its course. If you somehow missed out on it during the extended period of time when it was free, I apologize for your late arrival to the party. However, you can now obtain the album (with a couple extra tracks) from FiXTStore.com for a very reasonable price. Just head over there and look me up in the artists list.

  2. The original poster should have known this would degrade into a "post your favorite music" thread, complemented with "flame others' musical preference".

    That was KIND OF the point... Sort of.

    There hasn't really been any flaming going on. Just discussion. And arguing. But they're similar.

    And the idea WAS to post music. Not necessarily just ANYTHING, but pop music of some kind or another, and most people have done just that.


    I think it worked out pretty well. kthx.

  3. Sorry! Guess you'll just have to wait for it to be released, which'll happen sooner or later.

    I'd have done the broadcast later, but I'm going to sleep RIGHT NOW, because I have work tonight, and I'm up past my bedtime.

  4. Been awhile since I've done this. And now that the album's about to be released (sorry about the delay!) I think now's as good a time as any to do to a broadcast.

    SO! Wanna hear the album? Well, now's your chance. I'm going to commence broadcasting immediately (see the first page for details on how you can tune in), and I'm going to air the entire album, from start to finish, with some commentary.

    First, I'm going to warm up with some stuff that served as core inspiration for the album in the spirit of the original format of the radio show, and then at 12PM (NOON) EST, I will air the album.

    SO TUNE IN NOW! Good music, good times, etc.

    I'm depriving myself of sleep for this, so you all had BETTER listen.

  5. The best thing about it is that it was funded entirely by cast and crew. No production studio had its hands on this whatsoever. The actors involved weren't even initially paid for their contributions, if I remember correctly.

    So, yeah, awesome. And yeah, I'm in agreement with Hy Bound here. If I were a woman, I'd be part of Nathan Fillion's trio of groupies in the third part of this.

  6. Yeah, I dunno about that bullshit.

    When I licensed to Konami, their contract was so straightforward that it was shocking. I retained full ownership of my music and freedom to do with it as I pleased. They paid me a flat rate of $1000 per track licensed, and the only thing the contract said I'm NOT allowed to do is license the song to anyone else for inclusion in a Music Simulation Game for a period of 1 year after the date of the contract.

    50% is a ridiculous amount.

  7. What the hell does that mean? There are different ways to listen to music now? I thought the process of 1) put music on, and 2) STFU and pay attention was pretty universal.

    Yeah, I'm pretty confused, too. This topic got WAY out of hand. I'm pretty proud.

  8. I think it's important to note (as Audity did; thanks Audity) the difference between stupidity and ignorance. Over the years, I've introduced a large number of people who just plain didn't know any better to styles of electronic music that they've ended up enjoying quite heavily. On the other hand, consciously making a decision to shut out new things because they're not popular? THAT is true stupidity. And that frame of mind never got the world anywhere.

    Also, Pendulum fucking rocks. Who gives a shit if they're DnB or not? They rock. Period. In Silico is still one of my favorite CDs ever. I think I like them MORE because they've strayed outside the boundaries of DnB and done something new by merging genres. I can respect that, because that's what I do and because it keeps me interested. Disliking them because they've stopped making pure DnB is the same as what I talked about in the paragraph above: ignorance. If you choose to dislike them because the sound just isn't for you, that's completely fine. But just giving it a listen and saying "This doesn't sound like 'Another Planet'" or "This sounds like 'Streamline,' but too different" and deciding they suck is utter lameness.

  9. I think I'm not alone in feeling that modern popular music is destroying society. It's really unfortunate, but today's MTV Generation is tomorrow's U.S. Government, so... yeah, it's problematic.

    HOWEVER! I'm not sure how much attention people here pay to what's on the radio or on MTV or what not, but shockingly enough, it's not all bad. Some songs I've been hearing in the past six months or so in particular are definitely impressing me with their writing and production. Obviously, there's still far more garbage than gold, though, so I wanted to just ignite a little conversation about what peoples' takes are in general on pop music as it stands today, as well as give a few shining examples of the type of stuff I think could still save the music industry and stop completely melting the brains of the youth.

    (EDIT: For the first 4 out of 5 videos, you're going to need to follow the YouTube link to watch it ON YouTube, because Universal Music Group fuckin' eats it.)

    Example #1:

    Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne - Let It Rock


    Just heard this on the radio for the first time yesterday, and it took me by surprise for two reasons: it doesn't preach at length about "bitches," and it successfully combines numerous different genres into one. The end result is pretty kickass, not gonna lie. It's very anthemic, very powerful, and very fresh.

    Example #2:

    Rihanna - Disturbia


    Rihanna continues to impress me. With a lot of her biggest hits, she definitely tends to break some conventions with Pop/R&B. Stuff like this and "Don't Stop The Music" very nearly entirely stepping over the border into Dance music, which is interesting when you consider how much airplay it's getting. I still remember the first time I heard "Shut Up & Drive" on the radio. I was like "WTF? Guitar in a track by Rihanna? Rock influences? Huh-wha?!" Anyway, yeah, I find myself uncontrollably enjoying a lot of Rihanna's work.

    Example #3:

    Flobots - Handlebars


    When I first saw this on MTV, I was about to chalk it off as garbage based on the first few seconds of the song and the video, but I'm sincerely glad I didn't. This song's lyrics and message are really damn powerful, especially when combined with the video. And as for production... it has a friggin' trumpet solo. Still, it saddened me when I had to explain to someone what this song's about. Hopefully if more stuff like this continues to top the charts, I won't need to explain things that seem plainly obvious to people anymore.

    Example #4:

    Chris Brown - Forever


    I worked painstakingly to figure out what this song was after I first heard it near the vending machines at work. When I found out it was courtesy of the same guy that made that god awful "Run It" song, I did a double-take. This song is astoundingly musical and well-composed for Pop music. Tons of melodies and harmonies fill the stereo field from start to finish, and although the use of auto-tune vocals is getting a little ri-goddamn-diculous lately, this song does it pretty tastefully, and it fits really well. I must have listened to this 6 or 7 times in a row after I first identified it. I'm ALMOST ashamed, but... it's a really good song. But it's comforting to see an artist actually GROWING and making better stuff instead of ceaselessly duplicating the same shit that made him famous.

    Example #5:

    Maroon 5 feat. Rihanna - If I Never See Your Face Again


    It couldn't be helped. Rihanna made this list twice. But since this is mainly a song by Maroon 5, I don't feel terribly guilty about it. This song... FUCKING ROCKS. Big time. Maroon 5 gives me hope for Rock music. They're not the only ones, but they're an outstanding example.

    Anyway, that's all for now. Feel free to contribute your thoughts about Pop music as it stands today, and also any examples of stuff you've heard on the radio or seen on TV that caught your ear or eye, respectively.


  10. When's your next VG remix coming out? :D Revolutions was amazing.

    That'll probably end up being sometime after the album is released. I'm running on a pretty tight schedule because after the album comes out IN EIGHT DAYS OMG, I'm due to go home on leave on December 29th, and I won't get back until late January, so I won't have access to music shite until then. That's part of the reason I'm pushing to get this album out NOW, because if I delay on it, it won't be out until 2009. And I'd rather not release two albums in one year, soooooo...

  11. Burn Out was one of the first tracks I finished for the new album, but it was also one of the most difficult to master. It has been put on OurStage and MySpace, albeit probably different iterations from this one at various points. This finalized version sounds considerably different from the very first version of it. Thanks everyone for your comments!

  12. Awesome dude! I'm happy for ya. Having a track included on DDR must be pretty cool.

    I'm also gonna download this EP, since it's free. :)

    Let me see if I can send some money your way, giving away pure awesome tracks for free hurts the wallet.

    P.S: Nice cover art.

    Hey, thanks! I aaaaaaaaalways appreciate donations. Always always.

    It's actually the second track that Konami's picked up from me for DDR. The first was "Until Forever" from the last album, In The Dark.

    Photo in the cover artwork was taken in the town of Laie on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Same with the photo in the liner insert. Just like the song says, "even the sun starts to fade and burn out."

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