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  1. Ladies and gentlemen,

    With my recent acquisition of a quality condenser microphone and my on-going desire to introduce people to music--whether through DJing or shoutcasting or even in person--it seemed only fitting to kick off a podcast. And now that I have my own website, I've been able to bring the plan to fruition.

    My intention is for this to be weekly. HOWEVER, with my constantly rotating schedule, which is usually cram-packed with shit anyway, it may end up being bi-weekly. We'll see. This first episode clocks in at just over 2 hours in length, which is ENTIRELY because it's the first episode. Future episodes will be closer to an hour in length, dependant upon any guest appearances and/or call-in's.

    Episodes available so far:

    DOWNLOAD EPISODE 1 (160kbps MP3)

    DOWNLOAD EPISODE 2 (160kbps MP3)

    DOWNLOAD EPISODE 3 (160kbps MP3)

    DOWNLOAD EPISODE 4 (160kbps MP3)

    DOWNLOAD EPISODE 5 (160kbps MP3)

    DOWNLOAD EPISODE 6 (160kbps MP3)

    DOWNLOAD EPISODE 7 (160kbps MP3)

    *NEW* DOWNLOAD EPISODE 8 (160kbps MP3)

    Feedback and comments welcome, as always.

  2. only like 40 seconds in to the burnout remix and im digging it

    how much is actually going to show up on here?

    That remix was never actually finished by Snorting Audio. It was originally intended for inclusion on the Burn Out EP, but he kind of stopped communicating with me, and that's as far as he ever got on it (as far as I know).

    And lots of stuff is going to show up on there. Sooner or later an entire website will be there, including a comprehensive archive of all of my songs and remixes, old and new. More than anything else, though, that'll be the foremost hub for all information regarding the new album.

  3. Sorry, folks. Currently no mirror available, as Richter's paletteswap server is no longer up and running. However, there are a CRAPTON of people out there, particularly in this community, who've got the album handy. My best suggestion would be to ask around on IRC (#ocremix or #thasauce on EnterTheGame) or do a quick search on http://www.uvrx.com/search-all.html to potentially track down a RapidShare or the like.

  4. also what is a vip mix? is there some sort of specific pattern to how it gets remixed or something, is there a guy named vip? i honestly haven't a clue

    From what I understand, a VIP mix of a song is a remix done by the original artist intended for "very important persons," i.e. select DJs and the like. Some VIP mixes end up getting released to the public at large, though, such as the one I used.

  5. Hey everyone,

    As a number of you no doubt already know, I've been DJing in the past few months at a night club here in Hawaii called Alter Solum. Prior to this, I've released a number of digitally concocted DJ mixes for everyone's listening pleasure with the sole purpose of introducing people to music that I'm particularly fond of at any given time.

    Well, having had some actual experience DJing in the traditional sense, I've learned a LOT about the entire process. My understanding of it is about 100 times greater than it was before. And in honor of my public appearances performing as a DJ, which I'm sure none of you have been able to witness, I'm releasing this three part set of mixes created in the same fashion as my older ones, but utilizing new techniques to provide a much more realistic demonstration of what you could expect from me at the club. Plus, every single one of these songs has been utilized in a live mix at one time or another.


    The title, Alter Nights is obviously a play on the name of the club fashioned around the concept that depending on what night it is determines what style you might hear me spinning. (The disc names link to the MP3s of the mixes.)

    disc 1 - "dies Iovus"

    Thursday night is a 16-and-up event called "Kandi Thursdays," and tends to draw in a pretty collossal crowd. A lot of the younger kids that come on this night have some pretty badass breakdancing skills, so I like to spin breaks to give them the opportunity to show what they've got to suitable music.

    01) Adam Freeland - Under Control (Alex Metric Remix)

    02) Moby - Alice (General MIDI Remix)

    03) Atomic Hooligan - Papercuts (Original Mix)

    04) Quadrat Beat - Hive Inside (VIP Mix)

    05) Kiwa - Drop Control

    06) Splitloop - Keep Running (feat. Marvel)

    07) The Prodigy - Thunder

    08) General MIDI - Turn It Loud (feat. MC Chickaboo)

    09) The Chemical Brothers - The Test

    10) Leftfield - Africa Shox (feat. Afrika Bambataa)

    11) The Rogue Element - Calm

    12) Parallax Breaks - Nitro (Original Mix)

    13) Seth Vogt - On Your Own (feat. Goldillox) (DNF Remix)

    14) Spark & Fisso - You Are Right (Eshericks Remix)

    disc 2 - "dies Veneris"

    Friday night is another particularly popular night in terms of attendance, and also happens to be night of the week that I first spun at Alter Solum. In attempt to appease the majority of the audience, I spin House, which I think is the most fun to play around with. I'm pretty particular about this genre, though, so I pick and choose my tracks very carefully.

    01) Celldweller - Klash Up (Cinco de Mayo 2009)

    02) The Young Punx - MASHitUP (feat. Laura Kidd)

    03) The Rogue Element vs. Tom Real & Disco of Doom - The Click (Fucking Zombie Remix)

    04) Revolte - Fucking On Music (Oliver Giacomotto Kill Em All Mix)

    05) Soundsex - Tension (Beatdrop Remix)

    06) Dave Aude - Push That Thing (2008 Remix)

    07) Jerome Isma-Ae & Roy Stroebel - Vila Nova (Max Graham Remix)

    08) Pryda - Lift (Original Mix)

    09) Emilia Majello - Back To Me (The Young Punx Club Remix)

    10) Offer Nissim - I'm In Love (Etienne Ozborne Remix)

    11) Gavo - Explosive!

    12) Sia - Buttons (Filterheadz Remix)

    13) Lee Coombs - Control (The Rogue Element Remix)

    14) The Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do (Tom Real vs. The Rogue Element Remix)

    disc 3 - "dies Saturni"

    Lastly, Saturday nights have historically been a bit lackluster due to competition, usually only pulling in the diehard fans of the club, although some Saturdays have had surprising turn-outs. Since I no longer have to even attempt to play by the "rules" (I use the word loosely), I'll throw down a little combination of Psytrance and Hard Dance, which blend really nicely. This stuff gets me pretty pumped, so I'm almost certainly at my liveliest when I'm spinning it.

    01) Logica - The True Value

    02) Phanatic & Ananda Shake - Phananda (Original Mix)

    03) Volcano - Keep Movin

    04) Celldweller - Switchback (Zikimoto Remix)

    05) Day.din - Dance With Me

    06) Intersys - Demolution

    07) ITP - The People Are Fucked

    08) Shanti - Strictly Business

    09) Bang Brothers - I Wanna

    10) Chris Comben - Body Movin

    11) Dave Curtis - Hard House Rools

    12) Scott Attrill - Get To It

    13) BK & Judge Jules - Sickness

    14) Re:Locate & Mark Sixma - Piranha

    Following suit with the club's use of Latin in its name, I elected to use the Latin names for the days of the week instead of the boring old English ones. :)

    If you're a FaceBook user, you can head HERE to view some photos of the club and me getting my mix on, if that sort of thing strikes your fancy (you'll need to be logged into FaceBook for the link to work). For non-FaceBook users, I'll likely be mirroring these photos elsewhere sometime soon, so... be patient?

    Needless to say, I've had a blast doing it, and I look forward to making it a half of my musical career plans from here on out. But until I'm headlining a club near you (hahaaaaa...), I hope you enjoy these mixes.

  6. That's a valid point -- the people that shaped and created some of his music are epic in their own right (Quincey Jones, I'm looking at you). But with the longevity, scope and originality of his music, I can't reasonably come to the conclusion that his producers were primarily responsible for what I see as unparalleled musicianship, all the way through Dangerous.

    Regardless of quality, even the briefest of glances at the way his music evolved in general sound and structure throughout his career amidst changing producers makes it all too apparent just how big of a role they had.

  7. I guess I don't really care that he's dead and gone. Won't lose any sleep over it, anyway. I was a big fan of his music when I was, like, 5, but I've come to the conclusion that it wasn't him that I was a fan of, it was his producers. Soooo... *shrug* R.I.P.

  8. Just picked it up today not realizing it was already out.

    Frankly, I fucking love it. It combines the energy of Jilted, the songwriting of Fat of the Land (with a few dashes of their old school rave roots thrown in), and the attitude of Never Outgunned. I remember reading in the thread for "Omen" that people said they didn't really like "Invaders Must Die" (the title track), but I don't see why. This whole album is made of ass-kicking, building-leveling beats and some of the sickest bass lines I've heard on a breaks album. "Thunder" totally blew me the fuck away, the album version of "Omen" is superior to the single version as far as I'm concerned, "Take Me To The Hospital" made me want to hurt someone very much (in a good way), "World's On Fire" can only be described as explosive, and the last two tracks ("Piranha" and "Stand Up") close the album out nicely by continuing the neck-breaking ferocity of the rest of the album with the former and finally easing up a bit with some Fatboy Slim-inspired slower breaks on the latter.

    All in all, I expect this album to become fully featured in my current music rotation at home and in the car. If the extent of your breakbeat listening history is rooted in the likes of BT, Burufunk, and other progressive breaks artists, this might seem a bit jarring. But I should think that fans of Wave Theory (which I definitely am) will feel right at home with this album.

    In closing, I think the vocal hook from "Thunder" sums the album up pretty well: "I hear thunder / but there's no rain / this kind of thunder break walls and window pane"

  9. There's a collab in the to be posted queue :P While i was taking a break from the internet, everyone else progressed musically by leaps and bounds while i'm still stuck in cinnamon toast beats 2.7 skill. Hopefully after some more collabs i can go solo again, but for now i need some help getting back up on my feet.

    Thanks for being a fan :3 wish we got more pictures together!

    Some more collabs? LIKE, FUCKIN', ONE WITH ME MAYBE?


  10. Pure awesomeness.

    I particularly enjoyed Heatseeker.

    YES! THANK you. Glad to see someone finds that song to be a highlight. I can't help but be impressed with myself when it hits that last minute-and-a-half stretch.

    On a similar note, I've been listening to a LOT of psytrance lately (particularly from the Utopia Records catalog), and I'm planning on writing (quite?) a bit of it when I get back to Hawaii. So... Phase 2 maybe? Har har.

  11. The way I see it, people hardly take the time to express their feelings for a particular service, or purchase (in this case, music). For instance, people only talk up if they have to complain about something. If your album gets enough hits (since it is free) you're doing something right.

    I hope that's the case. But at any rate, I definitely appreciate your first post on these forums being one in this release thread for my new album. Says a lot :) Hopefully it won't be your LAST post on these forums!

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