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  1. Eh, this is okay. It's pretty boring, and not even by psytrance standards. Nevermind the fact that it's... not really psytrance. But that's just nitpicking. Otherwise, it's pretty straight forward. Some of the brickwall mastering sounds really out of place, and it overall just seems like sort of a mash-up of timbres that don't really seem to go together. Maybe too many ethnic instruments and not enough synthetic. Just seems contrived, really.

  2. I'm fuckin' LOVING this game. To a great degree, it's predictable how hard a song is going to end up being, but sometimes it surprises me. I had no difficulty with "Machine Gun" and "Stigma" by Noisia, but then "Split The Atom" raped my face. And Stigma is waaaaay more aggressive than "Split The Atom." I'm also greatly enjoying how incredibly colorful it is. It's like interactive musical fireworks.

    Everyone can feel free to friend request me on Steam if you don't already have me in your list. That way, you can watch as I climb up and up the leaderboard :D


  3. Coincidentally, most of your music goes incredibly well with this game. :razz:

    Not terribly surprising, given the particular energy level most of my stuff tends to have. However, I've yet to see anything outmatch "Collider" by Magnus. 7 minutes long, and playing it on Insane, I got to 9.5 million points halfway through the song. And then I died.

  4. Thanks, atmuh. I'd never heard of this, but your videos totally sold me on it. I love shooters and I love music games, so this is right up my alley. Now to throw some Nick Sentience at it...

  5. Thanks, JadeAuto. :) I do what I can.

    SO NOW. I have a question for all my listeners: what kinds of things do you want to see in this podcast? Interviews? Guest appearances? Call-ins? Hit me with your feedback, because I want to hear it.

    Also, if there's any fellow producers out there paying attention to this thing, I'd love to have some user-created bumpers. If you're a musician, just make a bumper saying something like "This is <insert name here>, and you're listening to The Drop!" and I'll be sure to make use of it. Any bumpers can be emailed to beatdropNOSPAM@supernovatomic.com. Just take out the NOSPAM part ;)

    In the meantime, yes! Let me hear your ideas.

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