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  1. In case it's been missed, currently the Japanese government is ordering people within 20-30km from Fukushima reactor to stay indoors and everyone within 20km has already been evacuated. Could be a bad sign. There's also a lot of talk about the latest radiation level readings around the power plant, but I'm not up and up on all that sievert mumbojumbo, so just look it up.
  2. Hey everyone, Finally taking advantage of my DJ setup (now that I have a functional laptop, on loan from Flik). Decided to start a new series of mixes in line with my older computer-engineered DJ mixes, except much more akin to what you'd get out of me at an actual performance. Introducing the first volume of Mixed Live: http://soundcloud.com/beatdrop/beatdrop-mixed-live-vol-1 This volume ranges from House to Electro to Psytrance over the span of 67 minutes. Tracklist is on SoundCloud in the form of timed comments on the mix. Hope you all enjoy. There'll definitely be more of these coming in the future. NOTE: This was recorded without pre-planning, retakes, or edits, so don't expect it to be quite as fluid as the computer-engineered mixes of old. However, the actual mixing is improved because I'm no longer relying on automated EQ and volume changes. And now, volume TWO! http://soundcloud.com/beatdrop/beatdrop-mixed-live-vol-2
  3. With a fresh world comes plenty of other large labyrinthine homes to be constructed (new caves to be explored, new dungeons to be located, etc. etc. etc.)
  4. Nope, it appears it was my fault somehow. Flik had just hopped on, server was super busy with 8 or 9 people on at one time, and I was going to show him my newly constructed tower and cannon (!) but just as we walked through my house into my tower, the server crashed, booted everyone, and spat out a "BeatdropMusic: illegal stance" error. Sorry guys I must have accidentally moonwalked or something. I encourage all to embrace the new temporary world as though it were the original one. Spawn point is right next to a little obsidian island (?) upon which I erected a welcome sign and a bunch of torches, but there isn't any other landmasses in extremely close proximity, so you'll have to pick a direction and branch out. Might I suggest leaving signs on the obsidian spawn point pointing in the direction in which you travelled?
  5. I'll happily vouch for Mr. KyleJCrb. He JUST bought the game and it's totally all my (and Maelie's) fault.
  6. Holy fuck, I didn't think this guy could get any older. Happy birthday.
  7. Bah, everyone knows you. Don't be ridiculous.
  8. Abadoss, your place is fucking nuts. I got lost. And then died.
  9. So yeah, I was thinking I might swing by and check things out. Any chance I can get added to the whitelist? MC username is BeatdropMusic.
  10. The giant golden penis is done, by the way. It's only really viewable from the West and Northwest. If anyone would like to remedy that, feel free. I spent 7 hours on it, and that's about all I'm going to spend on a towering golden penis.
  11. You should TOTALLY admin me. Minecraft is my new addiction, as well, so I'm playing tons (and I've got a pretty good grasp on it so far). Be sure to check out Chez Beatdrop when you login.
  12. Yes, quite. Whoever did the initial carving of the stairs leading down to the bedrock did a pretty crappy job with the torches I looked outside my front door (which is in the mentioned stairwell) while waiting on some smelting and noticed a creeper standing out there. I tried to fix them a bit, so hopefully no more mobs will spawn in there. (Hopefully.)
  13. For the record, when I interrupted to scream "I LOVE YOU GUYS!" about 7 minutes in, I was a) really drunk and completely unable to hear Brushfire's story from back there, so I had no idea what you guys were talking about.
  14. Track 2, starting around 5m into 'dies Saturni,' is "Phananda (Original Mix" by Phanatic & Ananda Shake.

  15. Well THAT was fucking awesome. More detailed response to follow when I'm not on my phone.
  16. <3 you guys. Panel was a blast. It shall be remembered for years to come fosho. Also, tobasco is delicious.
  17. I'm at MAG this very moment. Currently sitting in the lobby by the elevators if anyone would like to stop by and say hello.
  18. Ugh, noted. Working on it. Should be fixed in about an hour.
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