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  1. I believe I said "Nevermind the fact that it's... not really psytrance. But that's just nitpicking." Key word here is "nevermind." I believe I'm entitled to my subjective thoughts, and those thoughts are that it just isn't a very exciting remix. The vocal edits were neat, but the song as a whole felt really uninspired and forced. As for what I said about the mastering, I wasn't referring to volume level, I was referring to the hard limiting present throughout the song, with a prime example being the drum fill at 1:04. Basically, it sounds over-compressed. But more importantly than any technical gripes I have with the song, I just think it's pretty boring.
  2. Eh, this is okay. It's pretty boring, and not even by psytrance standards. Nevermind the fact that it's... not really psytrance. But that's just nitpicking. Otherwise, it's pretty straight forward. Some of the brickwall mastering sounds really out of place, and it overall just seems like sort of a mash-up of timbres that don't really seem to go together. Maybe too many ethnic instruments and not enough synthetic. Just seems contrived, really.
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    Beat Hazard

    Here's a quick vid of that song I was talking about:
  4. Beatdrop

    Beat Hazard

    I'm fuckin' LOVING this game. To a great degree, it's predictable how hard a song is going to end up being, but sometimes it surprises me. I had no difficulty with "Machine Gun" and "Stigma" by Noisia, but then "Split The Atom" raped my face. And Stigma is waaaaay more aggressive than "Split The Atom." I'm also greatly enjoying how incredibly colorful it is. It's like interactive musical fireworks. Everyone can feel free to friend request me on Steam if you don't already have me in your list. That way, you can watch as I climb up and up the leaderboard http://steamcommunity.com/id/Beatdrop
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    Beat Hazard

    Not terribly surprising, given the particular energy level most of my stuff tends to have. However, I've yet to see anything outmatch "Collider" by Magnus. 7 minutes long, and playing it on Insane, I got to 9.5 million points halfway through the song. And then I died.
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    Beat Hazard

    Thanks, atmuh. I'd never heard of this, but your videos totally sold me on it. I love shooters and I love music games, so this is right up my alley. Now to throw some Nick Sentience at it...
  7. Thanks, JadeAuto. I do what I can. SO NOW. I have a question for all my listeners: what kinds of things do you want to see in this podcast? Interviews? Guest appearances? Call-ins? Hit me with your feedback, because I want to hear it. Also, if there's any fellow producers out there paying attention to this thing, I'd love to have some user-created bumpers. If you're a musician, just make a bumper saying something like "This is <insert name here>, and you're listening to The Drop!" and I'll be sure to make use of it. Any bumpers can be emailed to beatdropNOSPAM@supernovatomic.com. Just take out the NOSPAM part In the meantime, yes! Let me hear your ideas.
  8. DOWNLOAD EPISODE 4 FINALLY RIGHT HERE!! Bam! Delivered as promised. This episode is SOOOOOOO GOOD.
  9. Yeppers. Sorry for the delay in coming out with Episode 4, folks. Still adjusting to being back in Hawaii away from my one true love. Been really busy since I got back, but I should have an opportunity sometime in the next few days to record and post it. As always, keep your eyes peeled to my FaceBook, Twitter, and this thread for updates.
  10. Nonsense, sir! You need only continue listening to the sweet sounds of The Drop.
  11. I agree with analoq entirely. I, for one, realize now that my work as a remixer is obsolete because anything I can do, it can do better.
  12. Better late than never! DOWNLOAD EPISODE 3 OF 'THE DROP'
  13. Recording Episode 3 tonight! Send shout-outs to @Beatdrop on Twitter if you'd like to give me and the listeners a piece of your mind. I enjoy mind pieces.
  14. You never contacted me with details! I was online around that time, too. But nooooo, you just... left me in the dark.
  15. The next one should be roundabouts Sunday. Glad ya'll are enjoying it. Keep the comments coming to keep the thread alive inbetween shows I'd appreciate it. And remember! If you want a shoutout, follow me on Twitter (twitter.com/Beatdrop) and keep an eye out for announcements about the next podcast recording.
  16. Absolutely! But remember, they're not redeemable for anything anywhere at any time. IN OTHER NEWS... DOWNLOAD EPISODE 2 OF 'THE DROP' This episode is BIGGER, BETTER, BRUTALER, BLASTYER, BOOMIER, BLOODIER, BLIGGITYBLAUIER, and SOME OTHER B WORDS! I know I said I'd cut the running time down, but... that just didn't happen. Anyway, enjoy!
  17. Fixed the link to the first episode on page 1. I moved stuff around on my server, and added A LOT of content. Go and check it out! http://www.supernovatomic.com
  18. Name is familiar. For some reason I feel as though he makes chiptune. Maybe I'm confusing him with someone else. I know the name, though.
  19. Recording Episode 2 tonight! If you want to get a shout-out in there, shoot it to me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/beatdrop
  20. Whoaaaaaa, you guys have an editor? Wish I had one o' those. Then again I'm not really sure what editing I'd need done...
  21. What can I say? I knows me's electronic musics. And thanks for the comments, ya'll! Be sure to follow me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/Beatdrop) if you'd like to get a shout out on the next episode. I'll be posting an update once I start recording it, so be on the look-out. Say whatever you want to say in your shout-out. The more entertaining, the better.
  22. I guess so! I'm not sure if it was supposed to take me a lot longer than that or what, but I actually should have had it completed and uploaded a lot faster, if it wasn't for the fact that I had to re-record the entire thing a second time.
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