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  1. Hey, thanks! I aaaaaaaaalways appreciate donations. Always always. It's actually the second track that Konami's picked up from me for DDR. The first was "Until Forever" from the last album, In The Dark. Photo in the cover artwork was taken in the town of Laie on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Same with the photo in the liner insert. Just like the song says, "even the sun starts to fade and burn out."
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, For your listening pleasure, I present the Burn Out EP. It consists of the first 'single' from the new album, Revolution, as well as two remixes of said song, two cover songs, and one B-side from the album. Here's the tracklist: 1.) Burn Out 2.) Burn Out (Mastgrr Remix) 3.) Burn Out (Neslo Remix) 4.) Need You Tonight [cover of INXS] 5.) Fashion Party [cover of Ace of Base] 6.) Here Is Where It Ends Full artwork is included (as you can see above, although the higher quality cover art is included in the zip along with the liner insert). Be sure to catch "Burn Out" along with MANY other new songs on the new album, due to be released for free right here on OverClocked ReMix. You can also check out Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 for Xbox 360, which was just released a matter of weeks ago and also features "Burn Out." Cheers.
  3. TWO, count 'em, TWO! brand new songs available for listening in their entirety on MySpace. http://www.myspace.com/beatdrop Gearing up for the release. It's coming!
  4. Beatdrop

    Dead Space

    I've been way too busy with Fable 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour to continue working on my Dead Space achievements. I'll get back to it sooner or later, though.
  5. Beatdrop

    Dead Space

    One suit is free for a limited time, and the other one can be purchased for 200 Microsoft points. They both are Level 5 suits, and as such have the same design as the one in the game, but have different color schemes. The (currently) free one is white-ish with green suit-lights (ie 360 colors) and the other one is red with a yellow scorpion insignia on the helmet. However, once you download them, they're available from in-game stores for 0 credits (assuming you already have the Level 5 suit purchased, I'm guessing), and you can swap between them at will.
  6. Beatdrop

    Dead Space

    Agh, enough about movies! This thread is about Dead Space. Christ. Anyone else superbly excited about the potential downloadable content to be made available in the future? So far they've only got the two suits up there for download, but the fact that it mentions downloadable content in the instruction manual itself tells me that they had plans all along, so... here's hoping... EPISODIC CONTENT? In a similar vain, I'm not sure which I'd be MORE excited for: a prequel or a sequel. The prequel department's pretty much been covered by the comics and the soon-to-be-released animated film (which I'm definitely going to buy), but I think they could still do some pretty cool shit with it. Buuuuuuuut... I think in the end, I'd rather see a sequel.
  7. Beatdrop

    Dead Space

    I could be wrong, but I don't specifically see anyone in this thread saying they were bothered by the gore... ...then again, apparently the governments of China, Germany, and Japan WERE. And it IS a pretty fucking violent game. Probably the most violent I've EVER seen, at least in terms of how frighteningly realistic it is. In Chapter 2, the guy that gets killed by the first necromorph baby that you encounter? WOW. After he dies, if you walk up to the glass, you can see the blood and gunk still dripping down it. Crazy stuff. I'm about halfway through my second playthrough of the game. Only a few more particular achivements I need to snag before I can just work on breezing through the rest of the game to get the One-Gun achievement. And then ooooooon to Impossible mode.
  8. Beatdrop

    Dead Space

    Beat it yesterday. Totally incredibly superbly amazing gaming experience. The story drags you in, the sound design is terrifying, the graphics are absolutely top notch, and the gameplay is addictive and very original. Definitely scared the shit out of me quite a few times, too. Already started playing through it a second time in an attempt to charge through and hit some of the achievements I missed the first time through, and then I'm going to commence playing it on Impossible difficulty to try to get that achievement as well, and also to REALLY challenge myself. On Medium, I think I only got killed by enemies (as opposed to puzzles/environment) maybe twice. What I love most about this game is how it's so damn mysterious, that you feel like you can't tell anyone ANYTHING about what you've encountered or what's happened without feeling like you're gonna spoil the whole experience for them. I refrained from telling my brother anything about it since he's planning on buying it, besides telling him that it's incredible. Definitely has good replay value, too, as far as I'm concerned. See below: SPOILERS FOLLOW ----- HIGHLIGHT TO READ After beating the game, you're presented with the option to play through a second time with all of your equipment, plus the added bonus of being awarded 50,000 credits for beating the game, as well as 10 modules for upgrading weapons and equipment. It also unlocks the Military Suit schematic in your inventory, which makes you look like a total badass and boosts your armor even more. All of this combined gives you the perfect opportunity to try to get the achievements for beating the game using only the Plasma Cutter, as well as for maxing out all of your equipment and weapons in terms of upgrades, which is otherwise impossible to do on a single playthrough.
  9. Aw, thanks. I appreciate the sentiment, at the very least. Now go forth and spread the word. Drag people kicking and screaming to this thread if you have to.
  10. Your imaginary weapons are the most ridiculous ideas ever conceived. What is it with you and shurikens, electromagnetics, and special gloves?
  11. OKAY... so... Ummmmmmmm... It MIGHT not be a free release after all... Maybe... But it won't be expensive if it isn't a free release, so...
  12. Cool. Money is always nice. Anywho, I forgot to mention that the album artwork on page 1 is almost certainly temporary. In all likelihood, Lexx will be reprising her role as the album artwork designer.
  13. I'll most likely be doing the same thing with it that I did with In The Dark. Free download with the option to donate. That's the plan as of now, at least. Wasn't always the plan, but... I figure, what the hell? EDIT: Yeah, that part where I said "as of now, at least"? Forget I said that. This is definitely going to be a free release with the option to donate.
  14. Release Date: December 1, 2008 Download the Album Preview MP3 Here (12.5 mb) Tracklist: 01) The Collapse 02) Minutes to Seconds 03) Burn Out 04) Revolution 05) Get Down 06) Revolt 07) Heatseeker 08) Return of Supernovatomic 09) Blood Inside 10) This Isn't Happening 11) Flash 12) Air 13) Samsara 14) Purity 15) Though Everything May Fade Away 16) Praxis 17) Seek High + Low This has been in the making since July 2007. And now finally its completion is in sight. I hope you all enjoy the preview. Beats the hell out of the three-track preview I released over a year ago. Also, I may decide to alter the order of the songs, but time will tell. As always, questions and comments welcome. As I mentioned a little ways down this page after numerous questions about it, this is going to be a free release just like every album to come before it. And just like 'In The Dark,' those that wish to will have the option to donate via PayPal, which I would greatly appreciate (durrrr).
  15. Sooooooo I guessssss... ...no one listened to it.
  16. Seeing as REMIXING LEGENDS OF OLD are coming out of the woodwork to chime in on this topic, and despite the fact that I skipped the last couple of pages for the sake of generating this response NOW instead of later, I figured I'd contribute my opinion on the whole subject. WTF? After reading the first few pages, it seems like the general conversation/discussion/argument is as follows: Person 1: "THIS SUCKS! But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong." Person 2: "Oh yeah?! Well here's MY opinion!" Person 1: "I respect your opinion, but here's MY opinion again for good measure." Person 2: "FUCK YOU! I completely understand your opinion, but here's MY opinion again just because." etc. etc. etc. I don't get it! Why can't people just live and let live? Retro Remix Revue is Retro Remix Revue's thing. Let them do their thing. OCR is OCR's thing. So on and so forth. If you want to be thickheaded and think that OCR's way is the ONLY way even when everyone who represents OCR says that's ridiculous, then by all means feel free. Like, are people jealous that these guys may actually make some sort of money off of this? Sure, if they didn't license the rights, then that's bad, but does anyone even know if they did or did not license any of it yet? Not that I saw. So what's with all the throat-jumping over hypotheticals?
  17. Okay, so in lieu of the technical difficulties last time with the show, our very own Larry Oji (Liontamer) has been added to the DJ roster. Besides being a long-time contributor to the community as a whole, he has also served on the OCR Judges Panel for QUITE A LONG TIME. He also had an extremely long-running radio show out of Atlanta's Emery University on WMRE, VG Frequency, but I doubt I need to even mention that. If you don't know about VG Frequency, then you totally missed out, and I'm sorry. All the same, you can catch more of Mr. Oji's classic radio antics and CUTTING EDGE DJ SKILLS right here on Beatdrop FM. I'm also planning another show myself sometime within the next week. Sorry I can't be more specific, but things are hella hectic! HAY GAIZ guess what, I'm broadcasting RIGHT NOW. Imagine that. These things can't be forseen. Lotsa good music today, so tune in if you have ears!
  18. Not bad, not bad. I've heard far worse. The drums need some serious help, though. I understand that this is a WIP, so I'm sure you're not even close to done with them or anything, but keep at it.
  19. I can't believe this movie doesn't have its own thread. Totally deserving. One of the best movies you'll see all year, guaranteed. Ben Stiller is a complete fucking genius (he directed, co-wrote, co-produced, and also co-wrote the screenplay), Robert Downey Jr.'s acting is totally phenomenal, Jack Black is at his funniest since School of Rock, there's so many god damn cameos and they're all hilariously written in. I mean, half the people that were in this movie I didn't know about, so I was totally shocked each time one came into play. But yes, all in all, HILARIOUS movie with a pretty considerable amount of action, and I think it probably has the best beginning to a movie I've ever seen. Caught me TOTALLY off guard. Go. See. This. Movie. As a side note, I caught a late showing at one of the smaller theaters, so there were probably only 30-40 other people in there besides me, but everyone in there was dying with laughter. I can't wait to buy it on DVD. I'll PROBABLY go see it again. EDIT: Oh yeah, and this isn't one of those movies where they showed you all the funniest scenes in the trailer. Not by a LONG shot. Considering how much violence and profanity there is in this movie, it's not surprising they left the absolute funniest scenes out of the trailer. EDIT 2: One more thing. I hate Tom Cruise with a firey passion. He's totally batshit insane. HOWEVER, I will definitely say this is probably my favorite acting role of his EVER. One of his scenes was far and away my favorite in the entire movie. I was in tears.
  20. NOPE, NEVERMIND. My shit's all fucked up. I don't think there's going to be a stream today because nothing is working. Sorry guys :\
  21. Sorry for the delay again. Currently ON AIR.
  22. Alrighty, today's the day. Broadcast will occur at 8 PM EST. No news yet on call-ins. I might also simultaneously have my webcam up and running if anyone is interested in watching me putz around and do the radio dealie. The URL for the webcam is: http://www.blogtv.com/People/Beatdrop The cam will most likely be live roughly an hour before the show starts if you are really itching to watch me do what I do.
  23. Holy fuck, I'm just amazed that he wrote/sequenced that in 55 minutes. That's pretty fucking incredible. HOWEVER I suppose the reason it's so incredible to me is because I can't actually play piano/keyboard! I suppose if I was a talented multi-instrumentalist like him, it wouldn't be quite as "fucking incredible," but maybe just "super awesome" or something.
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