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    I make music, talk about music on podcasts, listen to music, and am actually the original creator of music itself. Just check Wikipedia!

    Anyway, I'm on OCRemix like many others as a way to merge my hobbies of music and video games and increase my own knowledge and skills at making it myself. Also, check out Train Station at 8, a music video game podcast I run with my good friend and brother, Stephen.
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    Electric Guitar: Lead
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  1. Sonic fan that I am, I wasn't sure I could take another Green Hill Zone remix. However the airy tone and pleasant blend of live instruments won me over in the midsection of this piece. Awesome job! Here's hoping for some more, lesser-known Sonic music from you both in the future.
  2. Cool mix! The overall sound might be a little on the tinny/treble-heavy side for my tastes, but there are a lot of elements within that I'm a big fan of. The drum patterns in particular stood out to me; there's a whole lot of energy and momentum behind them.
  3. I loved this piece. I'm a sucker for anything Elecman, which made it even better to see WillRock take his signature synth and do something more subdued with it.
  4. Anyone here have any experience/opinion on which is the better solution for recording guitar tracks? From what research I've done people seem to prefer Line 6's latest stuff over the Eleven Rack, but some still say the inclusion of Pro Tools in the Eleven Rack is of tremendous value. That leads into my second question, which is whether Pro Tools is a much better DAW than other, cheaper alternatives like Reaper. This is pretty much my first foray into starting to record my music professionally, so I've got a whole lot left to learn, but these seemed to be the two primary competitors when it came to processors. And that's about it! Yep.
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