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  1. Well, I see no one's really bitten yet, but I think this is a cool idea - like a vocal album themed around new collaborations. Even if the album doesn't materialize, I think the site could use more vocal collaborations. I personally have heard some nice remixes on this site that I would love to rap over. Here are some ideas (although I'd undoubtedly need to get in touch with the original remixer): Elegy of the Solipsist ( - I would rap on this in a heartbeat; I've actually thought about it. I'm thinking of a playful but bittersweet love song, Link to Marin, about how he loves her but ultimately knows (spoilers) she isn't real and will disappear if he awakens the Wind Fish The Life and Death of the Mario Brothers ( - sick beat, this would be standard rap braggadocio Insecta Robotica ( ) - no ideas, but I've always liked this remix, nice beat(Additionally, I would be interested in writing a reggae song about Mario, although I can't think of an existing remix that would work. If someone could work on a Super Mario Sunshine beat with me, I have some lyrics for that as well.) Also, just a thought: I don't know, but it seems to me that writers couldn't just write lyrics and give times when to deliver them - there's a lot in the delivery that's hard to convey in writing. Perhaps the writers could do their own shitty performance and send the audio to the real singer, who can get the feeling from the audio and then blow it away?
  2. Sorry if this has been suggested before, but would it be possible to get a genre tag for the different ReMixes? It would probably be a lot of work to add them, and I bet it would be difficult to classify certain songs, be they unique, multi-genre, or what have you. Perhaps the ReMixers themselves could choose a genre(s) upon submission? Alternatively, perhaps mixes could be searched by features, like specific tempos, vocals, etc. But anyway, it would be cool to get a list of all piano covers, rap songs, metal mixes, etc.
  3. I was very surprised to see Super Mario Sunshine has no mixes. This game had a terrific soundtrack - very tropical, upbeat, happy material, with some serene songs as well. I particularly like this track from the game, Ricco Harbor: Someone should take advantage of these sources!
  4. I just have to say - first post, btw - that I love this ReMix. I'd say it's one of the most visionary on the site; cinematic, even. It takes what it is a rather bubbly tune and draws its dark undercurrent to the fore. I interpret this mix as something like Bubble Man's slow descent into mania, or a haunting look into his demented mind - it oozes creepy psychosis. In that respect, it reminds me of modern treatments of comic book villains like Mr. Freeze or the Joker, transforming a cartoony villain into a serious psychopath. That's what I hear in this, anyway. I love the transition at 1:05 and then again at 1:15, where a cheery chip tune section clashes with the cold, spacious strings, juxtaposing these two aspects of the villain (a similar trick occurs at 1:54ish and then 2:12). Great work, really chilling stuff; you got a download and a lot of listens from me.