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  1. NovaReaper My Beerly Beerloved (Blizzard Buffalo in Palace Ground [X]) Rolling (Frost Walrus in Palace Ground [X]) Firefly (Shining Hotarunicus in Palace Ground [X])
  2. Hello! If anyone needed it, here's a new playlist of all the SFRG Maverick themes! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGj3Vn0wSL2PTIpk1HwAXd3m_Jk_13xiz Good luck to everyone involved, can't wait to hear the songs!
  3. Now my DAW isn't even loading, so even if I would export my 30 seconds I have so far I couldn't upload it and send it by the deadline.
  4. It's okay, I might not finish anyways. Edit: Yeah, I definitely can't do it now. It would just be me copy and pasting midis.
  5. Worst comes to worst, just remix your song and incorporate the other via vocals or something.
  6. Probably going to go with something like this: 1) Etrian Odyssey: (Hero) [Ren and Tlachtga]2) Fire Emblem 4: (Hero) [Alvis]3) Etrian Odyssey 3: (Villain) [Abyssal God]
  7. Oh yeah, do strategy role-playing games (SRPGs) count? I'm trying to do an all Etrian Odyessy/Fire Emblem lineup, so that's the reason for all these questions.
  8. You know you've only voted in one of the two Robotnik Round 3 rounds this week, right? Make sure you vote in the other so they count :wink:

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