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  1. i love orchestration rearrangements bombastic, huge, over-the-top. Had a hard time recognizing the themes but that's just on me. I liked how it felt like a final boss fight with the driving, the tension, the "releases" and how that was repeatedly used
  2. 2:46 really loved that whole shift. Mind sharing any of the synths you used on this song? and 4:20 wow
  3. the orchestration/melodies and the overall mix job is really nice
  4. so good dubstep with complextro? i was like ohh shit at the first wubs lol. loved the filters and arpeggio sounds too
  5. i remember finding this back in 2004! can't imagine how many plays it would have if i had a counter for every time. a lot of fond memories with this one
  6. a lot of polyrhythm and counter-melody going on here, is that right? that first funky sound that comes in after the piano sounds like it's in a time signature that isn't 4/4 but i could be wrong. Never played sonic blast but really like this
  7. if this game ever got a remake I imagine it would've been composed like this
  8. great original take on a favorite of mine. noticed the deadmau5 prog-house influence before being confirmed in the description lol. I'm also thinking of trying to incorporate songwriting and lyrics into some remixes coming up. good to see someone pull it off with this level of quality
  9. Everyone! Those of you that have been liking my Rygar remix demo on Soundcloud through the remix forum have been great thank you for that. It's coming to its final stages, there's still work to be done on it, but today I bring you the finalized version of my five original tracks in this EP/compilation album "Gwee" http:gweenyc.bandcamp.com/album/gwee electronic progressive, edm, "gamey" and free. I think a board filled with game remixes, remixers and gamers can find something to like in here.. I'd hope lol But seriously, enjoy
  10. Hey guys, the remix of the NES game Rygar's "Gran Mountain" is finished. Download available through Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/gweenyc/gwee-gran-dance-nes-rygar-gran
  11. I wouldn't say it sounds that bad. Live would be noticeably better but this is doesn't strike me as annoying as the fake ducks wailing scenario lol
  12. Hey guys, After Illuminations I learned some more through a lot of the great tutorial makers (thank any of you who do that for guys like me) and when I was confident in what I learned, I worked on Time. I went for a pure-trance sounding track with this one. It's another one of those tracks that I enjoyed the end result completely, but as I learned more afterwards there are some things I could've done differently. After finishing this is when I decided I wanted to start trying my hand in video game composing This will probably be my last "dancey" track. enjoy:puppyeyes: http://snd.sc/164Oa9m https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noxJDpQMxSg
  13. Hey Everyone, My first posts here were my first experiments with making electronic music. By this track, I was starting to get pretty comfortable, especially with sound design. A lot of stuff still needed work, but I was proud of the end result. This track still very vividly has an entire scene that plays out to it in my head. But, to a lot, it could just sound like dancey video game music too http://snd.sc/14OGWrj https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edDsrIlSzYo Hope you guys like it
  14. What's up fellow gamers alike. I remember nearly 10 years ago now, Summer 04, I first found this site through a search for a Bloody Tears remix. Any remix would do, I didn't even know what video game remixes sounded like yet. I remember finding some badass covers and arrangements by "The Minibosses" way back then of some Castlevania material, but that was it at the time. Google took me to this site, where it showed me the "Alexander Prievert - Castlevania 2 Bloody Tears OC Inspired" remix. I grabbed it, was hooked, and never bothered to sign up or come back ever again. 10 years later, at this point of my life, I realize it's one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. I had video games and their music with me from infant ages with the Nintendo Atari and Sega all the way through to this day. I loved the music, I always wanted to create the music, but never pursued as I was growing up because it seemed so impossible, I was only 14 at the time. Fast-forward 10 years later, and here I am today. After many jobs, studying for different careers, and seeing that it may not be such an impossible thing to obtain I'm here to properly introduce myself this time as your video game composer, Vinny "Gwee." Gwee has been an alias with me since about 14 and still goes on to this day. It's been my alias for just about every website I've signed for or video game I've played, we've probably even played in at least 1 video game online at least once. Getting back on track, I'd like to use the knowledge and skills that I've been learning and crafting to start making music for video games. Everything has been dancey music up to this point, but I'd like to take on much different projects than this. Indie or big-budget, I would really like to start as soon as possible. With all of that being said, It's nice to finally feel like I'm including myself as a part of this forum after so long now. Please feel free to get in contact in any way, check out my soundcloud, or just get to know me better. Sorry for the snore fest thanks everyone
  15. https://soundcloud.com/djgwee/dj-gwee-chasing-dreams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BsmUbl3OOY uplifting, fast and feel-good. Hopefully you all enjoy this one gets right into it at around the 1:10 mark I believe If you do enjoy it please help support me with with anything as simple as likes,comments,feedback,follows,subs, and especially by sharing it! I'm also on twitter instagram and facebook so feel free to follow me on any of those too! Most importantly, enjoy! chase your dreams!
  16. Hey everyone, my last video got no feedback but I'm back with a new one anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU9FcQqaw9s I really, really like how this track came out a lot more. The reason I also post these here is I feel they do feel kind of "gamey" to me, I grew up a lot around video games so maybe my style comes from them. enjoy
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ya7h7oIeT6E track I made for fun, that sounds "fun".. let me know what you guys think spread if you like it, please
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