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  1. I just finished playing through Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and I was definitely impressed by the experience! I was initially worried about this game because of the lack of combat but actually found it quite refreshing. Too many games focus on killing as an objective, or even the only objective. So it was unique to play one which focused solely on exploration, escape, and discovery. At times it felt like I was playing an old adventure game (anyone remember Sanitarium?), a feeling that was heightened by the sense of immersion I had when playing it. While playing it I couldn't help but feel nostalgic about the first time I played Silent Hill back when I was in high school. At that time, with limited internet access, I had to piece together the games story and meaning myself. I remember walking around the town, terrified, wondering whether the people had been taken by aliens, if they were gone as the result of some kind of apocalyptic event, the game just kept me guessing, building, and eventually coming to some kind of logical (as far as the game goes) conclusion. Shattered Memories had me doing the same thing, just in a different context. They bent so many rules that I kept thinking how it was the same, how it was different, and how the game's story was actually going. It was nice to recapture that feeling of immersion, confusion, and fear that I felt in the original. And...this game scared the crap out of me. Just walking around the town is an unsettling experience. And the chases...By the mid-point the chase scenes had become a little dull. But, they actually got more exciting near the end when I had become more emotionally involved in the game. Even though there isn't really a death penalty, I felt like I owed it to myself to escape, and escape well. The game designers really did a good job of making you join Harry in the game. The environments, messages, and subtle touches here and there really pull you in and build a pressing feeling of dread and anxiety, and it really doesn't let up. Even after the denial inducing finish. Even though this thing was a huge departure from the series canon, it sits right beside the original game as my favourite.
  2. I'll put in my hat for Y's Books 1 & 2. Once you figure out the bizarre combat mechanic (and how to equip stuff...) it becomes a pretty enjoyable, though simple, game. It reminds me a bit of Hydlide, only it doesn't suck and has excellent music.
  3. I can only say this: at several times during the press conference, I found myself booing at the television. Way to go Nintendo, I bought your console for No More Heroes and the Virtual Console. Boo. Edit: I suppose I can be excited about the Wii Speak. I can flail my arms around AND yell at my television; all the while, people can complain about having to hear my muffled voice over the sounds of my dog barking at my washing machine.
  4. Nintendogs. Just pick the version with her favourite breed and you'll be set to watch her interact with the DS with levels of intimacy you never thought possible (or are familiar with). If she likes dogs...honestly a no-brainer choice.
  5. Leveling up is really up to you. It increases your bravery and helps you digest food, but isn't suuuuper necessary to completing the game. If things are going to easy, just slide the level slider down, increasing the difficulty, drops, and awesome factor. And the pigs, kill the damned pigs!!!
  6. Don't forget to mention that the AI in Crystal Chronicles is pretty much useless. I just beat the game yesterday and was pretty satisfied. The "+ game" afterwards ramps up the difficulty and changes the drops that enemies leave behind, making the not-too-complex crafting mechanic a bit more addictive. If nothing else, it's definitely worth your time as a rental, don't miss this game because the GC game was balls without 3 friends and a lot of patience.
  7. Crystal Chronicles, anybody out there also grab this gem? I'm enjoying it way more than the GC one (I'm even playing on my own!), there's no pot duty, moving through the game world is easier, the VO work is surprisingly well done, and I'm actually enjoying the story. Only complaint is that it's looking like it'll be too short, but a + game feature will likely extend my playtime.
  8. The trick is to stretch and take breaks. Don't blame the machine, blame your brain.
  9. Super Pitfall on the NES. Man, I can't remember how many times I rented that game as a kid. The thing had the most shrill music in the world, the level(s?) made no sense, your gun was the most useless piece of trash in the world, but for some reason, the game scared the crap out of me. The atmosphere was such that it'd make my young senses tingle with fear as I trudged past black background after black background after black background after HOLY SHIT A SNAKE! Awful.
  10. Mystery Quest...every other game in here is nothing in comparison. In this game, your character dies just for you playing it. Invincibility is gained by collection an "S.O.S" symbol, which only exists so that you know that the GAME knows that it's as good as dead. That didn't make sense, but neither does Mystery Quest....
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