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  1. This...so much this. Gaming can teach you this kind of dedication and conscientiousness in a risk free environment. As I get older I find myself drawn more and more to rogue-likes and retro gaming on consoles (save state free!). I feel like these games help me become more at peace with the idea that losing or failing is a result of my own my mistakes or the universe taking a dump on me. I think we spend too much time in this day and age worrying about what is going to "take us somewhere" but what we are really worrying about is how we can achieve some kind of celebrity status. But who cares if games may not contribute this? The idea that we can live life to live life well should be paramount to anything else. Keeping thoughtful gaming as a part of your time budget can totally be a part of making your life better.
  2. Dreamcast 2 HAS to be real! http://www.gametrailers.com/video/dreamcast-2-talking-classics/712554?type=flv
  3. I third the excellence of both this song and the album. Iced Earth - Vengeance is Mine (live)
  4. Seriously, thanks a lot for posting this! Much better than seeing a Rebecca Black link. Thank you. Currently listening to Guckkasten - Sinkhole
  5. You know? Sometimes I really do feel like a plastic bag...This whole pop music thing is making so much more sense to me now. And please...let this video be a joke, stunt, or ironic statement...please.
  6. Wait....wait....I just did some cursory research...and it seems this is a real song...written by two people? And they had this girl perform it? And now it has over twelve million hits and is generating money and buzz? And it's not a joke song? Is that what this is? This is a real not a joke song??? IS IT!?
  7. Am I the only one that has trouble with telling the difference between or is unable to tell the difference between Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria? In addition...why are they famous? (lucsious posterior excluded) I realise I could do that research on my own, but that's a rabbit hole I don't want to go down. Internet people, give me your expertise! Also, that song is bruuuuutal. If this gets on the regular rotation on the radio, all faith is lost.
  8. Rux - The Ruckus Army Anybody else out there have some international punk bands they'd like to share?
  9. Hey, are we still talking about boobs in here? Mam! Talk about a way to get more views!
  10. Sweeet...That tune reminded me of the song Berliner Schnauze by Bass Sultan Hengzt, which led me to looking it up and then finding this tune, Never heard this song before, nor any other rap tune that used Escape From New York... Thanks.
  11. Will this be a good enough hold over? http://www.everybodydancenow.net/deware/WeDareRemake.swf
  12. Seo Taiji - F.M Business Many times...every day...
  13. unibeam unibeam unibeam unibeam unibeam!
  14. Oddly enough...this was eseentially the core message of No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle...in addition to Bizarre Jelly 5.
  15. In all honesty, I really enjoyed the first half or third of Postal...I mean...c'mon, Dave Foley's wang. Every inch of that man is humour. ESPECIALLY those inches. Yea...uhh...yeah. Really though, until the story gets in the way, funny movie. Thanks for helping me remember it, Herr Strander! Uwe ist stolz auf dich!
  16. You know, when I went to university, (yes, other people here has did that 2!) if nobody agreed with me AND I felt like they weren't getting what I was saying, it usually meant that I was a mix of two things: wrong and not explaining myself very well. Also, I'm on board with other posters here...what is this even about anymore? To win a debate (if that's what this has come to be about...) one must focus largely on the defense and creation of their own argument. If one becomes too concerned with tearing apart counter-arguments, the argument becomes diluted and loses its ability to be followed. Zircon, Darkesworde, The Author, The Damned, Catfrog, and all others with a consistent tone, thank you...thank you for being consistent, rational, and reasonable. I think I've learned a couple things in this thread. You are internetting very well! Mr Jack Kiester. I am very much wanting to have understand of your pointing. But it semantically be very tuff to follow because point by point and direction free! Summumarise yes to do?
  17. From the pages of a somewhat marxist (and now outdated or built upon) school of 1960's history comes!!!! Some history...about eekernomicz...not so much copyright law... http://past.oxfordjournals.org/content/50/1/76.full.pdf
  18. I.....ugh....it DOES look atmospheric, but using a prisoner as the protagonist just seems too easy. Of course he has issues! Unless...there's no prison bus at all!!! On the side...has anyone else been following this guy? http://michaeljbassett.wordpress.com/
  19. Certain parts of me just pulled into my body from excitement....
  20. Shoooooot.....folks...we missed it all along. The solution is free calendars...geez!
  21. Sir, I did not, sir! I also didn't see his post until after I posted mine. My main point was that, in essence, people pirate because they don't want to pay period. What the price is is entirely irrelevant. Now, with the humble indie bundle and its 25% piracy rate, well! We have a whole new problem here, which concerns learned behaviours and patterns of behaviour, all of which extend FAR beyond the issue of price itself. In addition, the link I provided and subsequent post was also to highlight how irrelevant price is to piracy...but that was not really talked about! Most humble apologies since that was not present in the first posting!
  22. Mr. Speaker! I would like to show the government a small piece of news: http://www.thefreelibrary.com/NINTENDO+URGES+TRADE+ACTION+TO+END+VIDEO+GAME+PIRACY-a018017021 Now, if we adjust for inflation, higher wages, the fact that I was never able to get Maximum Carnage for the SNES because it was first C$119.99 and then mercifully lowered in price to C$109.99, and, of course, lady gaga... Yes, Mr. Speaker....there it is.... the higher prices argument is largely invalid...now if you were to argue that price itself causes piracy, then yes...I will agree. As a consumer, lower price is always better, no price is always best. I'm sure the government will have no problem with this reasoning. Thank you, Mr. Speaker! (Is this admissible as a debate rebuttal!?)
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