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  1. Really nice mix. I got chills when the melody switched over. It seems to blend so smoothly, I'd think that anyone who either hadn't played the games or wasn't as familiar with them wouldn't realize that they were two different levels. Definitely saving for listening more in the future. Thank you for this mix!
  2. I really loved this song in the game. I'm always thrilled to see it remixed, and I really enjoyed this one. Nice work!
  3. I really liked this one. I liked the original theme, too, but this made it feel even more relaxed and thoughtful. Bravo!
  4. Fantastic! Brought a smile to my face and I was honestly sad when it was over. The horns with the accordion were delightfully cheery. This one gets saved - nice work! Would love to see more works like this.
  5. Started out a bit slow for me, and I admit I considered stopping the song and moving on to something else. But then I recognized the melody, and it was glorious. I generally prefer piano arrangements to strings, but I appreciated this remix much more than I thought I would. Very nicely done!
  6. It's a nice mix. I was particularly floored by the transition segment around 1:48. The sudden calm and use of piano was really beautiful.
  7. I loved this game when I played it as a boy - it had a feel of mystery and exploration that not all Zelda games have. This song brings me back to some of those feelings of wonderment that the game brought about. Really impressive, from the lyrics, voice, and background music. It's mellow and has a nice vibe. I agree with the comment above that the percussion addition around 2:50 is jarring; the initial thought I had on my first listen-through was that everything else was so clean, and that part sounded a bit messy. On the second listen-through it doesn't stand out quite as much. Either way, this one is saved for listening to in the future. Very nice work!
  8. I think I stopped at X3, as this music wasn't familiar to me - rechecked the original and indeed, I never played X4. Regardless, I really enjoyed this mix. It has a nice melody, and perhaps it's the combination of strings and bells, but it sounded like a holiday festive track in certain locations. Very nice! Definitely saving for my offline listening.
  9. Nicely done! I have to admit, for the first third of the song I was completely puzzling over who Dark Man was. Megaman 5 was the first one I played, but this had me doubting whether maybe 6 was my first. Either way, I did a web search and then it hit me when I realized this was the first part of Protoman's Castle, and not a "robot master" stage. Totally recognize it, and it brings me back to how I loved certain parts of this song (which I heard a lot, because I'd sit and watch those disappearing-reappearing blocks to learn the pattern). I really like the energy that this mix brings. Very nice!
  10. Really nicely done mix - captures the feel of the 80's nicely while staying true to the source material. Bravo!
  11. I loved both the first and second games (wish the series had been extended further...), and thought that the music was fantastic in each of them as well. This song did a great job of channeling the feeling of "Beyond the Bounds," and I liked the vocal work. I didn't really catch quite as much of the vibe of "Kiss Me Sunlight" with this song, though; if I hadn't read the description, I probably would have thought that it was just a mix on "Beyond the Bounds." Regardless, it was a nice mix and I'm glad to see this game's soundtrack receiving some love!
  12. I don't know enough about production to offer any critiques; as a listener and fan of this mellow chillstep-like genre, all I can say is that I really enjoyed this track and downloaded it for future repeated listening (including on my driving mix). Very nice work! I hope to hear more from you.
  13. A delightful mix, perfect for getting lost in or using as a soothing background track. Very nicely done!
  14. I agree that the bells are delightful. This song channels the original melodies really well, while being a beautiful work of art in and of itself. I've discovered a love of chillstep, and this song fits nicely into that genre. Very nice work!
  15. Very impressive! I hate to echo comments that have already been made, but it's true that it's like hearing both the Flash Man theme and Harry Potter music at the exact same time. I also couldn't hear the Stone Man theme particularly well, but to be fair, I've heard the Flash Man theme remixed much more throughout the years, so it's more fresh in my mind. Very nicely done for the creation of a most interesting listening experience!
  16. This song sounded so familiar... and then I realized why: it's on the Anodyne remix album. It's been a while since I played Anodyne and listened to the albums, though... I wonder if this song is also on iTunes, and if it came up on iTunes Radio for me at some point. I got into Chillstep within the past few months, and this song is a beautiful embodiment of what I love about it. It's a fantastic mix, and I'm glad that it's been posted to OCRemix so that even those who didn't play Anodyne can enjoy it.
  17. This is a very nicely done remix. The slow pace and the drum selection reminds me a lot of Shoji Meguro's works (composer for many of the Megami Tensei series); as if there were a combination between Megami Tensei and Final Fantasy. I don't recall the Besaid Island song as being one of my favored in the game, but I really, really like this mix. Very nicely done!
  18. Nicely done! Very upbeat, and while remaining faithful to the original it includes a lot of elements that link to other games. Downloaded for future listening.
  19. I'm not familiar with Jazz Jackrabbit, and was primarily interested in this for the N64 aspect. Interest was piqued when it was stated that this would be techno, and I wasn't disappointed. It wasn't progressive, it wasn't a blend of things - it was techno! And the Jazz Jackrabbit song was quite good, I could appreciate it even though it didn't evoke a nostalgia factor for me (not having played it). Well done!
  20. Did they... slow this down even more than the original? The original was always a bit gloomy, yet had a thoughtful beauty to it. This mix was hauntingly beautiful the entire way through. I'm impressed. I probably haven't heard every mix for this song that exists, but this one strikes me as being incredibly unique. Masterfully done!
  21. This isn't an instrument set that I usually like, but I appreciated the mix. It had a lot of good energy, and the original melodies channeled through nicely. My only quibble was the added sound effects. I always prefer studio-recorded music over live versions, because I don't like the sounds of the audience at the start and end of the song. It's personal preference and I'm sure there are some people who like it, but I would have preferred to have the music without audience sounds. Audience aside, this is a very nice arrangement. Good work!
  22. A delightful mix. I don't know that I'll ever get bored of hearing this song remixed, but this mix definitely did it justice. Nice work!
  23. I agree with Barley: I never get tired of Corridor of Time. And this is a delightful mix, thank you for your work on it! I particularly like those "bursts" of energy that come through two or three times during the song. And hey, if you ever feel like mixing this song for a third time, I'd be happy for it!
  24. I never played the GameBoy Donkey Kong games, only SNES, but I listened to this mix anyway with the idea that perhaps there would be some tune similarities to the SNES games. I didn't really pick up on anything significant, but it didn't matter - this was a beautiful song to hear, even without knowing the source material. I also found what Rexy wrote to be rather profound. Beautiful statements to match the beautiful song. Nice work and happy birthday, Rexy!
  25. I used to download the remixes posted here very frequently, but now that the mixes are posted to YouTube I admit that I listen to many, appreciate the work, but rarely download. My listening habits have changed, I've already accumulated years' worth of mixes, and while I admire many of the mixes posted, I figure that they'll just sit on my drive and not receive more listens in the future. So when I saw DJ Pretzel's statement of "file under must download" I smiled and thought to myself, "probably not, Pretzel." Well, I posted to say that Pretzel was right and the mirror servers took another hit from me, because this song is amazing and it's going to receive many more listens. Well done, JJT!
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