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  1. Thanks for the reply! Do you have any programming tips for the bass? Or, recommendations for other good bass patches? I have shreddage bass atm. But, knowing any others are good. I tried to make a more centered bass before. But, I ended up not liking it.
  2. I've been writing some things off and on. But, the things I've written have been sitting there with no plays at all while my SSF2 stuff gains gradually traffic. So, here's a few things that I made in the last few months https://soundcloud.com/ohaiguy/into-the-woodworks https://soundcloud.com/ohaiguy/groove-party https://soundcloud.com/ohaiguy/tense-encounter Feel free to ask questions or comment on any of them. But, even if you just listen, that'd mean a lot.
  3. Yeah, it's probably a half step distance. A lot of the effect might come from vocal doubling, though.
  4. A not often talked about part of the music business A bit of background, I got a pad gig that will make a substantial amount of money. I've talked to other people about filing the taxes as the payments come in. The consensus was to find a professional to help. Does anyone have experience with looking for someone? Or, even better, does anyone know the ins and outs for this process?
  5. Applied! Looking forward to hearing back and seeing if there's anything I can do for you guys
  6. Tried the link as well. Doesn't seem to work for me either.
  7. My teacher had mentioned Ravel but we had mostly listened to Debussy. I'll have to give that piece a listen (and see if I can find a version with score!) Also, do you mind saying where the clutter is? I'd assume that it's near the end since that's where the majority of the instruments are together? Or is it a different section?
  8. As with last time, this is a track I did for class. We had to do impressionism this time. You can see the painting I took inspiration from in the link. https://soundcloud.com/ohaiguy/project-4-cosmic-snow Enjoy! *Edit* This is a work in progress until Friday. But, at that point, it will be finished (since it's due.)
  9. Ooh, this sounds nice. Gives me some Megaman Zero vibes. If there was anything I had to criticize without going too microscopic, I can hear a bit of crush at around 1:39 and some other high intensity spots. Otherwise, Good job I love the sound choice.
  10. God, it looks like he's just sliding off of while he's tapping lol
  11. Nah, it's all midi. I scored first in Finale then bounced to FL studio. Yeah, I think the piece in general could've been a bit longer. But, I only had a week to write the thing. So, it had to be a bit short :/ Definitely makes you appreciate the effort in writing fugues though.
  12. I actually recently did this for college but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out Also, it's Halloween season so it came at the right time of year https://soundcloud.com/ohaiguy/fugue-in-a-minor-for-organ
  13. I've never monetized something with soundfonts before. However, as long as you stay away from really obvious rips (ex: insert game name here soundfonts) most of the other sounds are so similar to sounds in other banks it's almost impossible to figure out where they originally came from anyway (ex: Timpani soundfont .) But, if you want to be really safe, if anything is ripped don't use it. My best resource I could give you is this http://www3.telus.net/anapan8/oldscardemu.htm You can find links to quite a few different resources/soundfonts here. My personal favorite I've played with are for Roland. I'm almost positive there are some royalty free things here.
  14. Well, I could say that it's filtered drums that were automated, but that probably wouldn't help I've made something similar before that isn't automated https://soundcloud.com/ohaiguy/tennisaurus-rex According to my project file...I seem to have a combination of a Band Pass, High Pass, and Low Cut (using Fruity Filter in FL Studio.) There's probably other ways you can make something similar though.
  15. Hey! Thanks for all the links/advice guys I've listened to all of posts and it definitely gives me something to practice. As far as stuff I managed to find, this vid, though old, has a lot of good examples of different rhythmic structure with good bass-lines. I'd highly suggest a watch/listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qwTtEKj_KY
  16. Topic title pretty much says all. What are some good resources for learning about how to construct really groovy basslines? Anything to listen to or read would be much appreciated