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  1. The vocals really make this track for me. Just something silly and fun that really cheered me up after listening. Great work!
  2. Greetings I've been in need of a decent pair of earphones for a while now, since I lost the pair that came with my mobile phone. I like to listen to music (especially OCR) on the go, but the audio quality of my old pair somewhat inhibited my enjoyment. Now that I have an excuse to buy a new pair, I was wondering what you people use, and what you would recommend in terms of value and audio quality. I understand many of you will swear by headphones, but for the sake of my own convienience I really do need earphones. I'm willing to pay a decent amount, but only for good quality. Some sort of basic player controls would be nice as well. I look forward to reading your reccomendations. Flaglore out.
  3. Thank you all for your suggestions. My running playlist has ballooned in the last 5 minutes. I particularly like the new gunstar heroes stuff, which I had neglected to check out until now. Once again thanks for your help!
  4. Greetings gentlemen and/or ladies Long time listener and occasional poster here with an open question to those, like me, who enjoy outdoor running, and prefer to do so with music. Can you recommend any tracks or albums from this site, or VGM in general? Which songs get you pumped? Are there any genres you would rule out? I'd love to get your opinion With thanks Flaglore
  5. I loved the source and don't normally listen to acapella music, but this has to be an exception Great work, and the vocals are some of the best I've heard on all this site!
  6. Really nice mix imo Probably one of my favourites out of all the recent Mega Man stuff. Keep up the good work
  7. Heya guys I remember in my youth playing a lot of Super Smash Bros Melee with friends. One of my favourite stages was "Hyrule Temple" (regardless of how imbalanced that stage was) partly for the great aesthetic, and partly because of the soundtrack. I was actually quite surprised when I say no one had done anything with this on here; I'm sure you could put something quite special together. Let me know what you think
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